Steve’s Toolkit: How to Record Great Video Using a Teleprompter

If you have been a subscriber to TechTips for any length of time, you will realize that I talk quite a bit about how to use video to communicate and engage with people effectively.

Caddy Buddy Teleprompter

I like spontaneous and a bit off-the-cuff video. Video can communicate in a conversational tone a bit more of your personality. Here is an example from LinkedIn.

But, there are times when a video needs to be a bit more scripted. Perhaps you are doing a training video for staff or an explanation video for prospects on some aspect of detailed insurance policy coverage. You want to make sure the information is correct. It can be hard to remember everything you want to communicate without using some cue cards or a teleprompter.

How to Use the New LinkedIn Resume Assistant in Microsoft Word

Getting help writing the perfect resume for a new position in your existing company or an entirely new job just got a bit easier.

Microsoft Word LinkedIn Resume Assistant

Resumes continue to be a valuable tool when applying for any new position. Your resume is your opportunity to shine a spotlight on your skills and expertise so that others will recognize you as the perfect person to fill the new job. Writing the best resume does present a challenge: how to showcase your accomplishments in just a few words.

Fortunately, there now is help in the form of Microsoft Word’s new Resume Assistant.

I Have Changed My Mind on Single Widescreen Monitors — Here’s Why.

I have been talking about and recommending agencies use multiple monitors on virtually everyone’s desktop for many years. Initially, the standard was two monitors, but today many positions can utilize three monitors very efficiently.

LG 38 Curved Widescreen Monitor

Desk space continues to be an issue with adding more than two monitors to a desk. A common question I receive is whether a solution would be one large widescreen monitor instead of multiple smaller monitors. I have always been resistant to using one large monitor. I felt the user would spend too much time managing (moving, resizing, tiling) open windows on a single large monitor.

I may have changed my mind. Technology has improved, and monitor manufacturers have begun including software with larger monitors that allow you to manage open windows with one click.

Microsoft Photo Apps Updates and How Your Agency Can Use Them

Pictures and videos are great tools to use when you are trying to explain difficult concepts or show property and location information. Just about every outside producer now carries a smartphone with a camera and video capability. In addition to the built-in camera and video capability of your smartphone, there is also a myriad of third-party apps that extend your phone’s camera capability.

I have been using the Microsoft Pix app for a while. It is very capable, and Microsoft continues to expand and develop the program. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can read more about its capabilities in a prior TechTips here.

Microsoft has recently updated the Pix app with an exciting new feature. 

How to Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows

I am a keyboard guy. I realize the mouse has its place, but the more I can keep my hands on the keyboard by using shortcuts, the faster I can get things done.

keyboard shortcut

I recently discovered (unfortunately, it has been around a while) a way to create custom keyboard shortcuts that will launch Windows application shortcuts without using a mouse. Allow me to explain.