How to Set Up Your Workstation to Help Increase Your Productivity

It seems everyone I talk to is feeling overwhelmed. There is too much to do and not enough time to get it all done. To many, being as productive as possible means accomplishing everything you need to get done. For me, productivity is more about getting the right things done, not just getting more things done. I will address this topic in more detail in a future issue of TechTips.

Today’s topic was inspired by a question from Scott Harwood at Harwood Insurance about workstation ergonomics that can help anyone be as productive as possible.

There are several factors that go into creating the best workstation layout. Ergonomics is key to making sure you are as productive as possible. Following are some of the elements that will help you create an ergonomically-friendly workstation environment that will help you get more done.

How to Use Music to Increase Your Productivity with Focus@Will

Productivity is one of the keys to being able to accomplish your goals. Productivity, however, is not just about getting more things done but getting more of the right things done. That is the core reason for writing TechTips. My goal with each issue is to provide you with tips, tools, platforms, ideas, and techniques that will help you get more of the right things done.


I have been thinking a lot about how our digital world is causing us to be more distracted than ever. Distraction prevents me (us?) from the deep work we need to do to make an impact on our world. If you want to read more about this than Cal Newport’s book Deep Work is worth reading.

I have found that one of the ways I can concentrate for more extended periods of time is to have background music playing.

One tool I have been using for several years is a website service called Focus@Will. This service plays background music designed to help you focus and concentrate.

Easily Capture Business Cards with the Microsoft Pix Camera

I have been talking about the Microsoft Pix camera app quite a bit over the last couple of months. I usually gather multiple updates into one article, however, Microsoft has been updating the app with exciting capabilities on a regular basis, and I do not want to wait to let you know about this new capability.

Microsoft Pix Bus Card Scanner

In a previous TechTips, I talked about using the Microsoft Pix app to take whiteboard photos and the addition of Photosynth.

You can see an overview of the full capabilities of the app here.

Microsoft Pix’s Business Card Scanner

Today, I want to highlight the newest feature added to the Microsoft Pix app – Business card scanning.

How to Automate Sending Text Documentation on Your Smartphone

In a previous TechTips, I explored the importance of creating processes and procedures for documenting client text messages sent and received on an individual’s phone. There are several solutions for handling client and prospect text messaging. The most common is using an individual smartphone.

In this issue, I will discuss two apps I used to send information to myself for text documentation. Both can be used to streamline and automate sending screenshots of text message conversations back to the office for attachment to the client/prospect record.

How to Think About Documenting Text Messages for E&O Protection

You know as well as I that the adoption of text messaging as a communication channel is not going to slow down and certainly is not going away.

The key to proper documentation of these conversations is training staff on how to make sure copies of text messages get to someone who can make sure they are attached to the client file.

Documenting this way is currently cumbersome. There are documentation gaps. You know this, I know this and your agency E&O underwriter knows this.

The Process is Improving — Slowly

While the process is improving, it is slow and there are some gaps in your current process. Here are some thoughts on where we are now and steps you can take to improve: