State Farm’s Distracted Driving Mobile App

State Farm Insurance Company has created the first Android widget designed to help combat the problem of distracted driving. The new “On the Move” widget allows Android smartphone users to compose and preload customized messages that can be sent as automated responses to incoming text messages.

With the service, instead of reading and responding to text messages while driving or otherwise occupied, Android smartphone users can activate the service and let the widget respond for them. The service is free to anyone with an Android smartphone as part of State Farm’s updated Pocket Agent for Android application.

The service works with all incoming texts, or can be limited to senders listed in the user’s smartphone address book. Activating the service prior to driving is just one way to use the widget. Users also can use the service while in class, at the gym, or in a movie. Users simply activate the auto-response function by turning on the widget and composing or selecting auto-response messages. All incoming text messages are still received and can be accessed in the user’s inbox at any time.

The service is not available at this time on BlackBerry, Windows Mobile phone, or iPhones but the State Farm development team is currently evaluating options beyond the Android offering.

Check it out in action:

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