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We received an e-mail from Dave Schuppler, current President of ANEU (Affiliated Network of Ebix Users) announcing that ANEU ceased operations as a User Group effective December 31, 2010.

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As you may know, ANEU has a long history as a non-profit, independent user association representing U.S.-based P&C Ebix agency management system users. The organization can be traced back to 1972 when it was originally founded as ARIAS—the Association of Redshaw Insurance Agency Systems. ANEU has a longstanding reputation of users helping users online and in person through educational seminars, webinars, meetings, and social networking. User group members have been instrumental for nearly 40 years in helping the vendor achieve the level of success it enjoys today. At one time, the user group had approximately 2,000 members and many of the current leaders in the field of insurance technology can trace their roots back to ARIAS and Redshaw. Unfortunately, just one year short of their 40th anniversary, they have been forced to cease operations.

“The number of U.S.-based P&C Ebix agency management system members has affected the ability for ANEU to support current and potential member services,” said Schuppler. “During a conference call in December the ANEU Board of Directors voted to close down ANEU. We have notified our members and Ebix, Inc. of this decision. We will use the first quarter of 2011 to legally dissolve this non-profit association.”

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