3D Printing Creates Micro-Manufacturing

MakerBot is bringing the price of 3D printing within reach of almost anyone. The magic of 3D printers—and digital fabrication in general—is that it takes a computer-created model and/or a digital design, and turns it into a real, physical object by “printing” using plastic to build up the model or a tool to cut out the object. 3D printing allows anyone with an idea to create a manufacturing plant in their garage.

Makerbot 3D printing

I wonder how carriers will underwrite product liability?

Makerbot 3D printing

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2 thoughts on “3D Printing Creates Micro-Manufacturing

  1. Bill, you identify the problem many agencies have, finding enough time for marketing and sales. I believe the solution is to implement a more aggressive marketing automation process within the agency to help manage prospecting and marketing activities. Automating the follow-up and follow-through when you are working with the prospect can greatly enhance your ability to stay in touch with them so that when they are ready to buy, they will think of you.

    Unfortunately right now this is not an easy process. Most agency management systems have not built in marketing automation processes to their systems.

  2. Time seems to be the largest item that we get robbed of. After we gather the required info to do a quote, we input that into our comparative rater (EZLynx), find the best 3 companies, then finalize it with the company sites. We use Hawksoft as our AMS. We also use Astonish Website along with our own website as a service and sales site.
    How can we streamline our process and find more sales time?

    PS – Thanks for all the Great Info.