Automatically Block Texting While Driving

We all know the statistics on the consequences of texting while driving. Some 40% of all fatal crashes involving distracted driving of all drivers 30 years old and younger. Yet, even though we know better, many still feel the need to respond to an email or send a text message while driving.

geo fences

geo fencestXtBlocker is a monthly service that can disable texting and other functions whenever a user is driving. This service is highly customizable, enabling parents as well as employers to selectively disable texting functions, block certain numbers, or only permit incoming and outgoing calls to preset “safe lists” or emergency numbers. It relies on a proprietary velocity and geographic algorithms that prevent dangerous use when driving. One can also arrange for “No-Cell Zones,” which will prevent distractions around focused areas, including schools or worksites.

Pricing is based on a monthly subscription (with discounts for annual payment) starting at $7 per month. A family plan that includes all members of the family is $10 per month.

This could be an interesting service to help prevent distracted driving. Be sure to let your clients know about it.

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