LinkedIn Launches New Thought Leader Service: Taps Insurance Technology Expert Steve Anderson as One of 150 “Influencers”

FRANKLIN, TN – LinkedIn assembled 150 of the biggest names in business, non-profits, and the private sector and gave them a challenge: Share something interesting with 175+ million professionals.

Steve Anderson, LinkedIn Thought Leader

LinkedIn’s Influencer program—announced last week—enables top thought leaders to gain a following among 175+ million professionals worldwide by writing and sharing great content on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn launched their new program with both well-known and lesser known diverse thinkers such as Richard Branson of The Virgin Group, Chef Marcus Samuelsson, HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes, presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and President Obama. Representatives from medicine, law, real estate, financial institutions, journalism, and the non-profit world are all part of the mix of influencers.

Steve Anderson, LinkedIn Thought LeaderAs one of the 150, insurance technology expert Steve Anderson of The Anderson Network said he was “not only honored to be selected but pleased that LinkedIn included the insurance profession as one of the businesses represented for their initial launch.”

Anderson will be writing frequent posts on LinkedIn about changes taking place in the insurance industry. Anyone with a LinkedIn account will be able to “follow” Anderson and any—or all—of the thought leaders, a new function created as an additional service where account holders don’t have to be “connected” to an individual but can now follow their posts and updates.

Anderson said each article’s focus will be on how technology can help an insurance organization—insurance agencies, insurance companies, as well as insurance vendors—adopt tools to help them increase revenue and/or reduce expenses. Said Anderson, “Successful insurance organizations in the future will be the ones that learn how to innovate quickly, respond to rapidly changing technology, and quickly adapt internal processes to changing consumer expectations.”

Anderson sponsors a number of Web properties that provide information to the insurance industry. These include,—his monthly subscription newsletter,—a rating and review site (like Yelp for Insurance),—a blog on how to protect private client information, and Steve Anderson’s TechTips—a free weekly emailed newsletter.

Anderson is a professional speaker addressing thousands of insurance agents each year at industry events. His speaking portfolio includes presentations on the future of technology in the insurance world, the influence of the social web, and how insurance organizations can establish and maintain their Internet presence. He has authored articles that have appeared in virtually every insurance industry publication. Anderson has over 30 years of experience in the insurance community and holds a master’s degree in Insurance Law.

A full list of LinkedIn Influencers is available by clicking here. Those interested in following any or all of the original 150 thought leaders can do so with a LinkedIn account.


Steve Anderson provides information to insurance agents about how they can use technology to increase revenue and/or reduce expenses. He speaks professionally to hundreds of agents each year on the future of technology, the social web, and how insurance agencies can establish their Internet presence.

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  1. Congrats Steve… I knew you were the man, and when the CEO of LinkedIn called me, I recommended you right away! First person in my mind that I thought of!… lol… jk…

    Congrats …they chose the best!