Benefits Management System

Effectively managing group benefits is a problem for many agencies. Now there is a new kind of agency management system that is specifically designed for the group insurance vertical and is built entirely on the platform. The application is listed on the SalesforceAppExchange platform, and is called BenefitsGuide. Highlights include:

agency management systems
  • Streamlines the process of selling and servicing group insurance from the broker perspective.
  • Provides value-added communications to both members and benefit administrators, with no extra effort.
  • Reduces the amount of incoming client service calls to the broker office.
  • Increases a broker’s new business sales by differentiating one broker’s services from the others.
  • Develops relationships for the broker with their clients’ employees, while building upon existing relationships with employer group administrators.

It follows logically that brokers who use BenefitsGuide are able to:

  • Improve their sales close ratio while also winning bigger groups.
  • Improve their client retention rate.
  • Reduce the amount of time required to service their existing clients.

Read more about the unique features of BenefitsGuide and how they will impact a broker’s business. Additional information is also available on their blog.

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