Why Every Producer Needs Their Own Website

I have said many times: consumer-buying habits are changing dramatically — both for individual consumers and business consumers.

Every producer should have a website.

A larger percent than ever of individuals are starting their purchasing research online. And if you’re not findable online you are invisible to a growing segment of the buying public.

This is why I believe that every producer in an insurance agency needs to have their own branded website.

I understand that most producers have relied on the agency to create the agency website and enhance the agency’s Internet presence. And that’s worked fine for the last 10 years. But consumers continue to change and if producers want to continue to be successful they need to begin working on mastering their own Internet presence.

Producers can no longer rely solely on the agency to market the products and services they offer. Producers need to work on their own personal brand in their own personal marketing so they are visible to the prospects and clients they want to do business with.

People buy from people they know, like, and trust.

The best way to help people know who you are, begin to like you, and learn to trust you with their financial resources and future is to demonstrate your expertise online. And one of the primary ways to do that is by creating a personal website.

Your website may be the most intimate way you touch your reader or sales prospect. It is also the platform best suited to educate prospects on why you are the authority on insurance protection and the person they should work with.

In a recent presentation I was talking about the advantages of creating a virtual agency. I gave a couple of examples of successful agencies that have no physical office. During the break, a participant approached me and asked if I would be willing to share contact information for these agents. I did give him the contact information.

I found out later that the participant did try to contact one of the agents. The agent in my example sent me an email asking me about this particular person and where I had seen him. He could not find any information online about this particular agent. It caused him to question whether he should respond to the email or not.

This is one simple example of the negative consequences of not showing up online. I am absolutely convinced that prospects search for information about you online before they ever agree to allow you to take up their time by setting an appointment.

Creating your own personal branded website is easier than you think. Begin now to take those steps to create the website and then add articles and information that show your expertise.

Steve Anderson provides information to insurance agents about how they can use technology to increase revenue and/or reduce expenses. He speaks professionally to hundreds of agents each year on the future of technology, the social web, and how insurance agencies can establish their Internet presence.

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2 thoughts on “Why Every Producer Needs Their Own Website

  1. Kevin, I would tend to go with your name, if it is available. If you anticipate staying in the insurance industry there is an argument to have some type of insurance term in the URL. This helps a little bit with search optimization. If you are unsure, then register multiple URLs and redirect to one website. This way you could also create URLs that are more coverage specific.

  2. Steve – What is your opinion on the website naming? Something like – “www.steveanderson.com”(only using my name of course) seems to make the most sense, but wonder what other alternatives you have seen? I agree that I need to have my own presence it’s just a question of what’s the best way. Using the agency website only helps me if the client knows to call me. If they call the main number there is a good chance I’ll never get the call. And using the agency website means I have no control over the information.