Make Your Kindle Highlights Useful

I read a lot of books. Some for pleasure and some for business. And I really do prefer electronic versions. That means I’m usually purchasing from Amazon and using a Kindle app to read the books. While I have a Kindle device, my favorite way to read a book is on my iPad using the Kindle app.

Clippings Converter for Kindle books

The main reason I like reading electronic books is the ability to easily highlight parts of the book that I want to remember. On the iPad Kindle app it’s as easy as touching your finger and selecting the beginning word and dragging across the sentence or phrase you want to highlight. Lifting your finger highlights that section in yellow—just like you used to do with a highlighter.

The benefit is being able to access those highlights on your Amazon Kindle website. Unfortunately, the copy and pasting of the highlights from the web page to another application like Evernote is cumbersome. is a simple tool that allows you to capture those clippings and convert them into Word, Excel, or PDF files for better organization. It is also integrated with Evernote so you can save your highlights in that application.

They make the process of capturing your clippings easy and straightforward. You upload the clippings to their website where they are better organized. The best part is the site is free.

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2 thoughts on “Make Your Kindle Highlights Useful

  1. Thanks for drawing my attention to this service, Steve. It certainly addresses a need for those of us who read on our kindle apps! I’m going to check it out.

  2. Thank you so much for this post Steve! I have wrangled with Kindle notes for the past several years. This is very much appreciated fix. Thanks for the heads-up.