Free Whitepaper – GONE VIRAL: The Complete Guide to Pandemic Planning

GONE VIRAL: The Complete Guide to Pandemic PlanningEbola, Flu and Employee Absenteeism – How to Protect Your Firm, Your Clients and the Bottom Line

From Ebola to Enterovirus D68, communicable diseases have been all over the news lately. With so many health concerns swirling around, it is important to remember the best defense against any illness remains preparedness.  To help you prepare, The Anderson Network and partner Agility Recovery have developed a pandemic preparedness whitepaper that will not only educate you on the topic, but provide actionable advice on what you can do to protect your employees, your clients and your organization.

Download Link: The Complete Guide To Pandemic Planning

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One thought on “Free Whitepaper – GONE VIRAL: The Complete Guide to Pandemic Planning

  1. I am working on a capstone for my master’s degree and my focus is utilizing technology in pandemic planning. I have worked with some health departments in our state and attended planning meetings and participated in points of distribution exercises. During the exercises I learned a great deal and have several ideas on how technology could be used to expedite medication distribution during a pandemic and how the response process could be enhanced. I plan to create a model using a small community and a mid-sized business to test how technology can advance the planning and response phases of a pandemic. Do you know if there is anyone out that is working on automating pandemic planning through technology?