Boost Your Marketing Communication with Social Media Tools

Have you got the right tools to build your social presence? Brand presence on social media is worthless if it fails to connect with the right audience in a relevant way. We all want to reach out to our audience in the best way we can.

Best Social Media Tools

Let’s check out a few social media tools to improve and save your time invested in your marketing efforts:


BoardBooster helps schedule Pinterest posts. It has many features which kick start your marketing strategies one of them being the looping ability. With this feature, you can fix your board by repining an older pin and then get rid of the existing pin or the latest pin based on their performance.

This function helps in actively repining great material on a regular basis.

Rival IQ

Rival IQ aids in tracking and analyzing the social media marketing results. Rival IQ provides competitive marketing information on a weekly basis.

Rival IQ emails gives you a PowerPoint presentation of the week which highlights the following:

  • The performance of your social media accounts
  • The performance of your competitors and a comparison
  • The changes your competitors are adopting, any changes the competitors are making and their best posts

For instance, you receive notifications about any changes in profile information made on their respective accounts by a competitor. Notifications are provided even when their particular posts receive a huge number of likes, comments, and shares compared to other posts.

Revive Old Post

Revive Old Post is a plugin for WordPress. Once installed, the plugin will extract the existing collection of blog posts and automatically post them on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. With this tool, you do not need to bother with scheduling your most recent and best articles on your social media accounts. You just need to arrange it and monitor the flow of traffic with automation.

Google Photos

After installing Google Photos on your computer and other devices click on the free button, and it will upload all the pictures found on your devices.

Google Photos uploaded pictures will cause certain consequences which are:

  • All your photos are transferred automatically to Cloud as a backup.
  • Easy transfer of photos among various devices. For instance, you have captured a photo on your camera and downloaded it on your phone through Google pictures and post it on Instagram
  • Google Photos aids in creating stories, animations, and collages with their best shot.
  • You can search different photos just by topics and faces. For instance, you just need to click track when you want to search an image and no added keyword is required

Above all this, it’s free!!!


There are numerous existing posts plugins, one of them being Contextly. It helps in quickly creating and displaying three kinds of linked posts widgets on the blog in just a minute. The first widget is placed under the blog content, and the other, known as the Sliderail, is within your sidebar.

The module widget shows the related content to visitors who are not interested in scrolling down right till the bottom of the page. You get twice the quantity of click-through rate from this particular module than the module present at the bottom. With just one click in WordPress, you can choose the location and the way you want to display the widget and the kind of posts you wish to serve.

It also permits people to feature a promo link for eBook downloads, newsletter subscriptions, and webinar announcements within the recommended widget. Contextly being a paid services charges a fee depending on the website traffic.


Periscope is a tool which allows you to interact with your audience, invite them and generate value at a shot from any place. Periscope is a very powerful tool for connecting with people and can be a significant marketing platform.

You can create free, relevant content as well as make announcements, have a question-answer session, receive feedback, and invite them.


It is a tool which enables website chatting which allows you to engage and monitor blog viewers through online chats.

To utilize it, all you need to do is put in the widget on your website and then it:

  • Enables online customer Chatting through desktop or mobile
  • Aids in customer tracking and supplement visitor notes
  • Visitor viewing by device, browser platform, and location
  • You can chat in various languages and also supports translation to other foreign languages

Zopim offers a free trial pack for 14 days and is compatible with Android or iPhone mobile devices.


The free app from Buffer lets you produce engaging images on social media in a few seconds. Specific dimensions can be chosen to post on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The most interesting part is that the images will not be branded like other similar software services.

These tools not only help in marketing and tracking your work but also your competitor’s performance. These insights will ensure your progress and improvement in areas where you fall short. There are also many other great social media tools so don’t just go for all of them but specifically for those which is best for your business.

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