Microsoft’s Email Insights Finally Adds Useful Search Smarts to Outlook

Warning: This TechTip is describing beta software from Microsoft. You need to check with your Technology Person to make sure it is OK to install on your computer!

One of the frustrating issues with using Outlook as your email client is the difficulty finding an email you received when you need it. The search functionality has never been great. Each successive version of Outlook has gotten better in its ability to help you find just the email you need but it’s still not perfect.

Email Insights

Email Insights, a new experimental app from the Microsoft Garage, is an attempt to help you speed up the searching for content within your Outlook client. It is a separate Windows application that indexes your Outlook email contents and provides an easy way to search for any email.

The top three results in the search window are called “Relevant emails.”

You can narrow down your search results by using the filter button to:

  • Search a specific folder.
  • Search for emails from a particular person.
  • Search for emails that contain an attachment.
  • Search for emails that contain a website link.

The search engine can tolerate a certain degree of spelling mistakes and spelling errors within a name by using the included “Fuzzy Engine.” You can also open multiple tabs allowing you to have multiple searches open.

Click here to download the Email Insights app. Please heed the warning above and check with your IT team before experimenting on your work computer.

This is a simple program that does just one thing – helps you find email. The biggest problem I have had with it over the last few weeks was remembering to use it when I needed to search for email. 😉

What tools do you use to help find Outlook email easier?

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft’s Email Insights Finally Adds Useful Search Smarts to Outlook

  1. Great idea but not available unless you are on Windows 10 Anniversary Edition…..

    “This app does not work on your device.”

    To see all apps and games, your device needs to be running Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

    May require certain hardware. See System Requirements for details.