Technology Timeline – Time To Reach Mass Adoption

We all use technology every day. Smartphones, tablets, and computers are just a few examples. Technology has exploded in the market in such a short span of time, and it is hard to think of living life without these tools. To get a hold of how we got here today from back in the dark ages, it is essential that we understand how technology evolved.

Every technology was invented to solve a problem. For example, search engines were created to segregate massive amounts of online data and pick out the most relevant ones. With every new upgrade, technology keeps improving. Platforms get better and expand what they can accomplish. The more often this happens, technology evolves to become the vital necessity it is today.

As new ideas get transformed into new forms of technologies, these new technologies are all set to become future mechanisms of future technologies. Existing technologies progress into something way more powerful and superior than what we had previously.

The speed at which technological evolution is taking place is exponential. This exponential growth is one of the biggest reason that many people are struggling to keep up. This technology timeline graphic provides an overview which shows just how fast technology has evolved.

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One thought on “Technology Timeline – Time To Reach Mass Adoption

  1. Not everything is like that though. Virtual reality first gripped the public imagination 30+ years ago, and some people say it’s still just a fad.