Create Good-Looking Presentations Using PowerPoint Alternatives

When was the last time you thought about upgrading the quality of your presentations?  How many times have you almost fallen asleep while a presenter read through bullet points? This can be a problem for all kinds of presentations – including presenting insurance solutions to a prospect or client.

powerpoint alternatives

Everyone’s attention span is shorter than ever. We expect quality presentations that communicate clearly and hold our attention.

Microsoft PowerPoint is the standard presentation application used by just about everybody, including myself but many people may not know that PowerPoint alternatives do exist.

Are PowerPoint Alternatives the Best Tool?

I recently upgraded to an Office 365 subscription, which includes the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint 2016. I continue to explore the new features and options that are available on the PowerPoint platform. While the platform has improved significantly, I wonder:

Is PowerPoint always the best tool to use for presenting to insurance prospects and clients?

Over the last several years, presentation platforms featuring PowerPoint alternatives have been developed that offer an intriguing and often very attractive way of spicing up your presentations. These platforms attempt to provide features and benefits that set them apart from a traditional PowerPoint slide deck.

Following are several alternative platforms I have experimented with over the last year or so that could be viable options for your agency.


I wrote about how to use Canva to create a presentation last year. Reading this article will provide you with an overview of how to use the Canva platform. Since then Canva has improved the presentation templates available. While I do think Canva can be used as a PowerPoint alternative for shorter presentations, it does not have as much flexibility as some of the following options.

Haiku Deck

I first wrote about using Haiku Deck to create presentations way back in 2013. While many of the benefits of using this platform remain the same, some great improvements have been made over the past four years.

One of the exciting additions to the platform is Haiku Deck Zuru. The Zuru service adds artificial intelligence to the platform to automatically transform your PowerPoint into a more beautiful editable .pptx presentation. The process begins by using natural language processing to review the existing PowerPoint presentation or an outline of your presentation. The content is analyzed and keywords are identified. For example, Zuru is smart enough to read “Space Needle” instead of “space” and “needle” and look for an image of the Seattle Space Needle.

After the word analysis is done, the platform reviews thousands of images to find just the right one to go with the text. Once pictures are identified, Zuru goes through image analysis and reworks any to make sure the image is consistent with the rest of the presentation.

The resulting presentation can always be edited to fit the exact style, look, and feel you are seeking to create. Zuru is certainly an attractive option to create a first draft of the presentation.

Prezi Next

Prezi continues to be a popular presentation option and a good PowerPoint alternative. We have used this platform successfully in the past. My previous article about Prezi was published in March 2014.

The company recently released their newest version of Prezi – called Prezi Next. Prezi Next is designed to scale from an individual user up to large business teams to support the “full life cycle of a presentation.”

Their view of a presentation life cycle includes three stages:

  1. Create: Builds on the storytelling elements of their original product by incorporating a more flexible, intuitive editor. Customizable designer templates help users communicate the shape of their message and create visually stunning presentations.
  2. Present: Prezi Next’s interactive format lets users move freely between topics and adapt their delivery on the fly. Through this non-linear approach called “conversational presenting,” presenters can utilize the same presentation for each meeting, but switch its focus to what any given audience cares most about.
  3. Analyze: Prezi Next features presentation analytics, which allows users to track how viewers interact with their content before or after a meeting takes place. These insights, which include whom your presentation was shared with, how many times it was viewed, and for how long each section was seen, can help to inform and improve every stage in the business funnel.

Consider PowerPoint Alternatives for Presentations

Creating compelling visual presentations that communicate clearly and engage your intended audience are one of the keys to being viewed as a professional. This is particularly the case for insurance agents. The product that insurance agents sell is simply a promise to bring the policyholder back to the same financial position they were in before a loss. Anything you can do to enhance the visual appeal of the service you offer will help prospects and clients view you with greater trust.

What PowerPoint alternatives have you found to be effective when creating visual presentations for clients and prospects?

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