Help Clients Know If Their Vehicle Is Subject to a Safety Recall

Driving a safe vehicle helps to prevent accidents. Keeping up with suggested maintenance is a perfect first step. Another is making sure to have any safety defects corrected as soon as possible.

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A record 53.2 million vehicles were subject to recalls in 2016. If a recall is issued on a vehicle you own, the manufacturer will attempt to contact you – typically via postal mail. How many times have you moved since you bought your car? How do you find out if your vehicle has a defect that compromises its safety and the safety of your passengers and family?

How to Find Out If Your Vehicle is Subject to a Safety Recall

The government does not collect or keep data on the number of autos recalled and how dealerships deal with them. As the Takata airbag scandal showed, this is dangerous not only for car owners but everyone else on the road.

If the government cannot protect us, who can?

A Silicon Valley startup – Recall Masters – is going where the government cannot – and saving lives by helping you easily check to see if your vehicle is subject to a recall.

Using “digital forensics” – the process of culling, processing, and organizing enormous quantities of unstructured recall data – Recall Masters has applied machine learning to a traditional industry that’s notoriously slow to innovate.

Using its “digital forensics,” Recall Masters has been able to:

  • Identify more than 63 million vehicles in open recall – and gotten hundreds of thousands into dealerships for repairs.
  • Plug 50+ data sources into its system, making it the most comprehensive recall database in the world.
  • Sign on 1,000+ dealerships across the country.
  • Generate millions of dollars in revenue without any outside funding – anticipating a valuation north of $40 million.
  • Become the first software company to digitize “Don’t Drive” and “Stop Sale” recall tracking into its SaaS API and batch processing platforms.

Safety Recall: For Personal Use

Recall Masters has a non-profit arm,, which is a resource for consumers, fleet owners, and the general public to help them protect themselves and give their families peace of mind knowing they are driving a safe vehicle.

Here are the simple steps to check your car:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your car’s VIN.
  3. Click “Check recall status.”
  4. If your car is in recall, you will be directed to a certified dealer to fix the problem.

Safety Recall: For Business Fleet Owners

Commercial vehicles can also be subject to a recall. The for-profit Recall Masters is a program that helps dealers stay up to date and manage recalls that may affect their customers. This program will help businesses keep up to date with their fleet recall status as well as assist them in communicating with their clients.

The following industries could benefit:

  • Auto Manufacturers
  • Factory Authorized Dealers
  • Pre-Owned Car Dealers
  • Fleet Operators
  • Rental Car Agencies
  • Auto Auctions

Recall Masters provides some different products and services to match the needs of these industries. While insurance agencies are not listed on their site as a target industry, it just might be an additional service to provide to your customers. You should at least provide your clients the information for the site.

What other types of services do you provide to your existing clients?

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