How to Get Positive Google Reviews That Make Your Agency More Visible Online

I was at an insurance agents meeting a few weeks ago, and one of the topics was how to be visible to the online consumer. Sure, you can throw a lot of money at online advertising, but most agents do not have that kind of marketing budget. It is tough for a small agent to compete with the big guys.

Google Reviews 3 Pack

Fortunately, there is a way to increase the chances of being visible when someone searches for insurance topics in your marketplace. The trick is to maximize your Google reviews.

I talked a lot about maximizing Google reviews a few years ago when I was presenting my all day, in-person Agency Internet Boot Camps. Google reviews are as critical today as they were back then.

Most consumers (business and personal) start their search for insurance information online, and most use Google. Have you looked at your Google Business listing recently? Do you have more reviews with better ratings than your competitors? Most local Google search results include what’s called the “3-pack.” No one knows exactly how Google determines which three businesses to add in this highlighted area, but the number of reviews included for your business is a significant ranking factor.

88% of people trust online reviews as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts.

Do You Ask For Google Reviews?

So, are you asking your clients to review your agency on Google? I hope so.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to explain to a client the steps involved to leave an authentic review. And, you do not want to ask an existing client for a review if they are going to leave you less than a four- or five-star review.

Fortunately, there are a few services that will help you maximize your Google reviews so you can become more visible online. One service I have recently looked at is Lift Local.

Lift Local helps insurance agencies generate consistent, authentic reviews on multiple review platforms. When generating reviews, Lift Local filters out negative or neutral ratings, providing the agency an opportunity to address customer concerns privately. Positive reviews create additional online traffic and produce an increase in inbound phone calls.

Negative customer feedback helps agencies improve retention rates. The best part is Lift Local’s service is completely hands-off for the agency. They build, manage, monitor, and report on all campaign efforts and results.

How Lift Local Works

Here is how the Lift Local service works:

  • You provide access to your current clients’ information, which Lift Local analyzes to make sure you are reaching out at the right time with the right message. (They do have a strong privacy policy.)
  • They do have the ability to send text messages to those customers who are not as responsive to email (this is optional).
  • They asked the client how likely they would be to recommend the agency to friends and family. They filter out negative or neutral ratings and send you a private notification so you can proactively reach out to that client. You know it is easier to save a client than win one back. This process allows you to know who your unhappy customers are and work on fixing the issue.
  • For clients who are happy and engaged, they provide an easy way for them to leave an authentic review on your company listing in Google.
  • Completely hands-off. Lift Local manages the entire process for you and reports back monthly on the progress.

Lift Local charges a monthly fee for their services. Three different pricing levels are available depending on the services you want to use.

If you are interested in the Lift Local service, I have negotiated a 10% discount on the monthly fee. You can find full details by clicking here. Check them out to learn more about your reviews and how Lift Local can help!

Whether you manage to obtain Google reviews yourself or use a service like Lift Local, it is essential that you begin gathering reviews so you can help make your agency more visible online.

What is your experience getting clients to leave Google reviews? How have Google reviews helped your agency increase online visibility?






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One thought on “How to Get Positive Google Reviews That Make Your Agency More Visible Online

  1. We have links at the bottom of our email signatures asking for online reviews. We also have an email that goes out to clients any time we ‘build value’ for someone. We consider ‘building value’ any time we have a positive interaction. It can be as simple as a car change, to saving money, to help during a claim. We had the best results when we verbally asked people to leave a review then immediately sent the email with the link to leave a review. We did this for a few years and garnered a hard earned 24 Google reviews. We just signed up with Rocket Referrals (sounds a lot like Local Lift) and I gotta say, I love them. ***Very curious to hear your opinion of them.*** We’ve only been with them for about 3 weeks and have already gotten 3 more Google reviews, a few facebook reviews, and a TON of testimonials that appear on our website (which we’re hoping people will leave them on Google soon). They also provide a Net Promotor score for each of my agents as well as for the agency. They give lots of great statistics on us and are so user friendly. Their staff has been helpful with my questions along the way, too. My biggest gripe is Yelp. We have close to 30 ‘not recommended’ reviews. We have more reviews than our competitors but when you search it doesn’t look like we have any. They’re all really glowing but Yelp calls them ‘not recommended’ because of their stupid algorithm. Yelp calls to ask us to advertise with them. I say we will when they fix their algorithm and give the reviews a better name.