Easily Capture Business Cards with the Microsoft Pix Camera

I have been talking about the Microsoft Pix camera app quite a bit over the last couple of months. I usually gather multiple updates into one article, however, Microsoft has been updating the app with exciting capabilities on a regular basis, and I do not want to wait to let you know about this new capability.

Microsoft Pix Bus Card Scanner

In a previous TechTips, I talked about using the Microsoft Pix app to take whiteboard photos and the addition of Photosynth.

You can see an overview of the full capabilities of the app here.

Microsoft Pix’s Business Card Scanner

Today, I want to highlight the newest feature added to the Microsoft Pix app – Business card scanning.

The new business card feature for iPhones makes it quick and easy for you to add contacts, not only to your iPhone’s address book but also to your LinkedIn account. This is yet another example of the integration of LinkedIn into the Microsoft ecosystem.

To use, just open Microsoft Pix and point your iPhone at a contact’s business card. Using machine learning, Pix automatically detects the business card and asks if you would like to take action to add the contact information.

If you tap to take action, Pix will capture and organize numbers, email addresses, and URLs — and add this new contact into your iPhone contacts app with all the information populating the correct fields within your address book. If you are signed into LinkedIn on your iPhone, you can also seamlessly store the business cards of people you meet on your LinkedIn account. You will be able to instantly see their profile, job title, and work experience, letting you quickly personalize staying in touch.

Creating a practice of capturing business card information and following up with a new contact quickly can help make you stand out from others.

Business card scanning is a simple enhancement to the app that could help streamline your prospect management process.

What other tools have you found to be useful to capture business card information, so you can follow up? Leave a comment below.

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One thought on “Easily Capture Business Cards with the Microsoft Pix Camera

  1. Very cool that they’ve added this feature to Pix. I would say an additional option to have contacts be added/shared to the outlook app would be very handy rather than using the iphone contact manager. I say this because my default contact book is a personal one and not a business one BUT I am not a producer who is out trying to capture a lot of business cards. I couldn’t figure out, using Apple Contacts, how to save the contact to a contact group other than default. I did end up just sharing the contact and sending myself the Vcard via email so I can add the contact on my computer that way.