How to Test Your Website Security

Making sure your organization’s website is secure is more important than ever.

Test Website Security

I have written about this topic several times. The last was in November 2016. You can read that article here.

If you capture any information (contact form, quote request form, certificate request form), then you need to make sure your website has the appropriate security protocols installed.

SSL Labs offers some tools to help you better understand SSL security. SSL Labs is a collection of documents, tools, and thoughts related to SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security. The site was created to help any Internet user better understand how well SSL is deployed on a website.

Testing Your Website Security

One of the tools – SSL Server Test – is a straightforward way to test the security of any website. To check a website’s security, follow these steps:

Go to SSL Labs’ SSL Server Test.

Type the website address (the domain name) of your organization’s website into the box with the heading “Hostname:” Put a check in the little box that is under the testing box: “Do not show the results on the boards.” Checking this box will prevent the website’s information from showing up publicly.

The report can take a few minutes to complete. Once completed, the site will receive an overall grade along with a detailed description. While the detailed report likely will have much more information than you need, the grade is a quick indicator of that particular website’s security.

Some other sites you might want to include in your tests are your bank, an insurance company, your brokerage account, or Facebook.

If you use a website for anything except passive reading, you would be wise to make sure it is secure. Proper website security is especially important for any sites that capture payment and personal information.

A secure website is the first line of defense to protecting you online. Avoid using sites that don’t have the best security – especially for any sensitive transactions.

What steps do you take to protect your online identity? Let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. Thanks Steve! I gave this a try for my Agency site and I’m proud to report my site earned a grade of A. I appreciate your newsletter and thank you for all you do to help Professional Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers.