How to Tell If You Need a New Agency Management System

Selecting the best Agency Management System for your organization is one of the most critical decisions an agency owner makes. Choosing the best system will help increase productivity and thus profits. The consequences of not selecting the right system are painful at best and, at worst, could be catastrophic. Your agency may never recover from the lost productivity and lost profits from a bad decision.

Agency Management System Selection Summit

Recognizing that agents may want help identifying management system platforms that will work for their agency, I have created the Agency Management System Selection Summit, a webinar series that allows your agency to review different agency management system vendor platforms over a span of 2 weeks.

Here are the highlights of the Agency Management System Selection Summit:

  • The summit will start on Monday, July 16, and will continue with a morning demo and afternoon demo each day. The last day of the event will be Friday, July 27.
  • The Summit will kick off with an introductory webinar hosted by myself on my 5-step process of evaluating and, ultimately, selecting an agency management system.
  • Each vendor will have 90 minutes to show you their platform.
  • Each vendor demonstration will be recorded. Access to the recording will be available online for approximately nine months following the last live webinar.
  • As a subscriber to my TechTips newsletter, I am reducing the standard registration fee from $299 to $249but you must use the link below to receive this discounted price.
    UPDATE August 1, 2018: The Summit is over but the Recordings and Digital Course can be purchased using the button below.

Register for the Summit Course Today

You’ll receive access to Steve’s Agency System Selection Digital Course along with the recordings of all of the Agency Management System Selection Summit vendor demo videos.

To help you determine if you should consider looking for a new system, I have developed an online assessment that will help you decide if the time is right to explore new agency management system options. Taking just minutes to complete, the assessment immediately returns a preliminary result. Shortly thereafter, you will receive a follow-up email with a customized report and recommendations based on your responses. The report can then be used to determine if the Agency Management System Selection Summit will be a useful tool to help you get started.

Take the ‘Should I Shop?’ Assessment Survey

More information is available here including a short video explaining the details.

Steve Anderson provides information to insurance agents about how they can use technology to increase revenue and/or reduce expenses. He speaks professionally to hundreds of agents each year on the future of technology, the social web, and how insurance agencies can establish their Internet presence.

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4 thoughts on “How to Tell If You Need a New Agency Management System

  1. Terry, the website has been updated with a list of vendors that have been invited to participate as well as those that have confirmed their participation.

  2. Brian, I don’t have a schedule yet, but have added a list of vendors that hae been invited and those that have confirmed their particiapte on my website.

  3. Hi Steve, do you have a schedule of who will demo on which days? Or an overall syllabus for the event? Thank you!

  4. Steve,

    I know you are probably finalizing vendors, but do you have a working list of participating vendors?