A New Tool Helps You Improve Your Customer Experience Journey

ACT Launches Customer Experience Website

The Agents Council for Technology has launched a new Customer Experience Planning website. This interactive online resource is designed to help agents understand the customer experience life cycle and leverage technology to achieve the ease of doing business that consumers expect.

ACT Customer Experience Journey

The information presented was created by the ACT Customer Experience Work Group led by Claudia McClain, founder of McClain Insurance Services.

The Customer Experience Journey

The site explains the six phases of the consumer buying experience — Discover, Evaluate, Purchase, Experience, Renew, and Refer — and breaks down the technology touchpoints agents should focus on during each phase. Tools such as a responsive agency website, online reviews, e-Signatures, online chat, and mobile account management all have a role to play as consumers move from being aware that they need insurance all the way through their in-policy experience. The site provides clear descriptions for each phase and touchpoints, along with resources for agents to use to get started improving their agency’s customer experience.

“Based on your core customer needs, your agency may not want or need to implement every recommendation,” says Ron Berg, ACT executive director. “However, ACT’s Customer Experience Planning Website will help your agency identify the top one, two, or three things you can do to set your agency’s ease of doing business apart in this rapidly-accelerating digital age.”

The site is part of the ongoing project to help agents better understand and embrace changing consumer expectations. The workgroup will be adding more functionality, such as an agency CX assessment tool and project planning functionality.

The Customer Experience Work Group is made up of more than 50 volunteers from carrier, vendor, agent and broker, user group, and association members who have spent many hours creating this information. I am a member of this workgroup.

Upcoming Webinar

The Customer Experience Journey — Six Steps to Attract and Retain Your Customers

This webinar will be held on Tuesday, July 24, 2018, from 2:00 to 2:30 pm EST with Claudia McClain presenting. There is no cost to attend. McClain will share ACT’s latest technology resource and unravel the Customer Experience Lifecycle. During this special 30-minute webinar you will be guided through 6 steps that make or break the customer experience. The presentation will provide a heightened focus on the technology touchpoints customers have grown to expect while interacting with you, their independent agent. There will be 15 minutes for Q&A immediately following the webinar.

ACT’s Customer Experience Planning website is a valuable industry resource that everyone in your agency should take the time to review. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

What is your organization doing to improve your customer experience journey?

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