How to Easily Insert Personalized Data into Email Images

Email continues to be a very useful communication tool. And at the same time, everyone seems overwhelmed by the amount of email they receive. So, anything you can do to make your email stand out will help you maximize the benefit of these touches.

Nifty Images Birthday Card

I have been experimenting with a platform that allows you to personalize images in your email so that every individual in your database gets their unique image when you send them an email. This service is called NiftyImages.

NiftyImages allows you to create personalized email images, countdown timers, and live social feeds for your email campaigns. You can get a picture of what this looks like by going to their website and entering your name in the box. You’ll see the image on the left change to include your name.

Personalized email images are dynamic images that change based on the recipient’s name (or other data). Any email merge field from your email marketing platform can be added into these images.

Email Images Made Easy

There are four types of email images that you can personalize:

  • Personalized Image — An image with one personalize merged field.
  • Countdown Timer — Pick an “end date/time” of your choice.
  • Live Instagram Feed — Update images in your feed.
  • Live Pinterest Feed – Update images in your feed.

The image below provides an idea of how these customized images will look appear.

Nifty Images GIF

I recommend you start with the personalized image. Changing your birthday email to include a customized image is an excellent way for you to experiment with this service. The process is simple.

  • Pick an image: There are several free images you can choose from (including birthday cards).
  • Create HTML: Just copy the HTML code provided into your email template. The code will insert the image into an email campaign with the personalized merge field automatically included.

  • Don’t just send an image: Make sure you include text within your email as spam filters are sensitive to image-only emails.
  • Make sure to test: Make sure you check the email before you send it out to make sure everything is working correctly.

You can test out this service by setting up a free account at NiftyImages. The free account provides a very generous limit of “10,000 opens.” An open is counted every time an image is displayed on someone’s screen. A paid account starts at $20 per month and provides up to 50,000 opens per month.

I firmly believe the more you can personalize your emails, the more likely they will be opened and read. This strikes me as a fascinating way to capture someone’s attention with an image that includes their name. There is nothing people like more than seeing their name.

What tools are you using to personalize emails to clients and prospects?

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