How to Check Your Internet Speed

Do you remember the days when you waited for your telephone modem to connect to AOL?

Netflix Internet Speed test

In the last 20 years, Internet access has gone from nice-to-have to a critical service for both business and pleasure. Nielsen’s Law of Internet Bandwidth states that Internet speeds increase by 50% per year. Like Moore’s Law for computing power, Nielsen’s Law has been remarkably accurate over the last ten years.

The question you should be asking is are you getting the speed you’re paying for? Regardless of who is providing your Internet access service, you should double check to make sure that the Internet speed you are paying for is actually what you receive.

Internet Speed Test Services

Many different services allow you to check the speed of your Internet access. Your current service provider likely has a tool available for you to check your speed. Following is a short list of a few tools you can use.

My new favorite test site is Netflix’s It is clean and straightforward and does not have any advertising on the page. Netflix intends this to be used to check your Internet speed for live streaming Netflix content. That said, you can use the test nearly anywhere and for anything.

Why Internet speed is important

Getting what you pay for: You’re paying for a certain amount of bandwidth from your service provider. Conducting a regular speed check will make sure you are receiving what you’re paying for.

Cloud Services: As more of your platforms and processes move to the cloud, the amount of bandwidth available to each user becomes increasingly essential.

Remote Workers: People working from home, or another remote location, need access to the highest Internet speed possible. In some more rural areas, this can be a critical issue.

There are lots of factors that impact how fast the Internet is at your individual computer or device. Conducting a regular Internet speed test and keeping track of the information will allow you to identify early any issues or problems that could affect the speed of access.

What tools do you use to verify Internet speed?

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