TotalCSR Allows You to Hire the Best – No Insurance Experience Required

The insurance industry is facing a silver tsunami. Baby boomers are retiring in higher numbers than ever. One of the significant strategic issues all insurance organizations are now facing is how to find, hire, and retain competent replacements for the thousands of jobs becoming available.

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There is an avalanche of articles and presentations providing insight on how to attract, and retain, millennials into the insurance industry. However, not enough time is spent talking about how to create an onboarding and training program for these new hires so they can be a productive part of the organization as quickly as possible.

For too many organizations, new employee training — especially for those hired with no insurance experience — is hit or miss. It often entails sitting with an “experienced” customer service agent to “learn the ropes.”

Easily Train New Hires with TotalCSR

Fortunately, a new insurance training platform — TotalCSR — provides a way to train new, inexperienced employees at a cost any size organization can afford.

TotalCSR’s tagline is “practical insurance onboarding for the digital generation.” Justin Goodman of Goodman Insurance Services created the TotalCSR platform to solve their new-hire onboarding and training problem. Goodman found they were better off hiring the right person with no insurance experience than the wrong person with years of experience. Consistent, accurate and best practices-based training became imperative to bring these new hires up to speed as fast as possible. Other agents began asking for access to their platform, and the TotalCSR platform was created.

I encourage you to hear the full story of how TotalCSR was created by listening to the latest Digital Broker Podcast show where Ryan Deeds and I talk with Justin about his journey.

Note: I also recommend you listen to last week’s show (#20) where we talk with Nick Lamparelli about how to attract and retain millennials in the insurance industry.

Currently, TotalCSR includes training modules for the following lines of business:

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Commercial Auto
  • Commercial Excess & Umbrella Liability
  • Commercial Property
  • Commercial Inland Marine

Each module follows a similar roadmap for the learner:

  • Line of Coverage Introduction Video
  • Coverage Overview (They intentionally keep it simple as the goal is to give the employee just enough information to be able to understand/perform the required tasks.)
  • Learning what information is required for a complete submission on a specific line of coverage
  • Understanding how to properly complete the respective ACORD form(s)
  • Understanding how to review/compare quotes and present the proposal
  • The steps to Bind Coverage
  • How to Check the Policy
  • The common servicing tasks required for the particular line of coverage during the policy period
  • E&O Prevention Tips
  • Final Exam

A Few Notes:

  • Lessons are locked for users because they are required to complete them in sequential order.
  • The scenarios section provides five different opportunities to complete an ACORD form. Once the user completes the form and presses the submit button, the ACORD form will be graded, and highlighted areas will indicate incorrect answers. Users must correct the answers to move on to the next scenario.
  • This current platform is Phase One. They have a lot more ideas for expansion including raters, web platforms, additional skill sets, personal lines and other commercial coverages.
  • Their ideal customer base is an agency of 20 employees or less, although the program should work for anyone who is in need of a structured onboarding program.


The basic Agency level is $249 per month. You can pay annually at $167 per month to save $1,000. This basic level allows one (1) Admin account and three (3) Active Users. It is important to note an active user is someone going through the program. Once they have completed the program, their license can be released for the next new hire.

For larger organizations, a premier level is available for $499 per month with an annual pay discounted to $334 per month. This level provides 10 active users.

NOTE: Justin was gracious enough to provide a 15% discount to our podcast listeners. You can find the discount code by listening to the episode.

You should seriously consider using the TotalCSR platform as the foundation for your training and onboarding program for new hires.

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One thought on “TotalCSR Allows You to Hire the Best – No Insurance Experience Required

  1. I am in the process of hiring a CSR. I really enjoyed the Podcast and what Justin has created for the industry. I’d love to learn more about the success rate when comparing an account manager who has been trained vs one that has experience.