Using Stickers to Brand Your Agency

Keeping your agency’s name and brand in front of prospects and current clients is always a good idea.

Sticker Mule

There are multiple ways of doing this. For years, many agencies used calendars — either bigger paper calendars or magnetic calendars that would stick on the refrigerator. There are some companies that specialize in branded promotional products. These are the ones you see vendors giving out at convention trade shows. These products are all potential ways of keeping your organization visible to your ideal prospect and client.

One item that is not typically included in these promotional product catalogs are stickers. Moreover, they seem to be a hot item with certain people. People put stickers everywhere — laptop cases, motorcycle helmets, and who knows where else.

Branding with Stickers

I have experimented with creating a sticker with a product logo and sending it to the client as a small reminder of what they purchased.

You can do the same thing. Stickers are a great way to keep your name in front of your audience.

The company I have used is called Stickermule.

They have four primary product lines:

  1. Customer stickers
  2. Custom labels
  3. Custom magnets
  4. Custom packaging

The process is simple. When you upload your graphics file, they will send you a proof in just a few hours. Once approved your order will ship within four days. I have ordered stickers and custom packaging tape and have been delighted with the quality and speed. It just adds a bit of pizzazz to your branding toolkit.

Tip: Sign up for their emails. They very often highlight a particular item with a significant discount. You can try out the various options with minimal risk.

What types of promotional items do you use in your organization?

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2 thoughts on “Using Stickers to Brand Your Agency

  1. Hi Steve, I have used stickers for over 25 years now. Some have the agent’s photo and name only on them for envelopes and signature lines. Most are selling another product we offer and are clear so that you can place them anywhere. I have a large Booklet full of stickers to choose from including our logo.