How to Create a Simple Affordable Texting Solution with SimplTxt

It has become a foregone conclusion that agents and brokers need to manage text messaging as part of their communication mix. We have known for a while this was coming. However, the actual implementation of adding text messaging into the organization’s workflow has been a bit more complicated.

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I have written several times about text messaging with suggestions on how to adopt this communication channel within your organization. You can review those articles here, here, and here.

I’ve also talked about texting in two episodes of The Digital Broker Podcast. In episode 11 we talked about The Rules of Engagement, and in episode 12 we talked about How to Implement. You might want to listen to each of these for more detailed information.

Several texting options are available, including management system platforms that have added integrated text messaging as a communication option. These options may be the best for your organization to implement.

Today, I’d like to share with you a new inexpensive text option created by my podcast co-host Ryan Deeds. Ryan saw the problem with managing and documenting text messages within an insurance organization and started thinking about how to create a simple, affordable platform that any size organization could easily implement.

The result is SimplTxt.

How SimplTxt Works

When you sign up with SimplTxt, you choose a local phone number to use for both inbound and outbound texting. This is the number you provide to all your clients who want to use text for communication. Once you choose your number, any text received by that number will be delivered to an email address you specify. Any email sent to [ClientPhoneNumber] will be delivered as a text message coming from that number.

So, you can now text your customers using email – no software training needed. Just email [cellnumber] (ex and SimplTxt will automatically turn that email into a text message. When they reply, you will receive it as an email. You can also add an attachment such as a photo or document.

For documentation purposes, both the inbound and received emails can be attached to the client file, just like any other email. This is a process well ingrained into your current agency workflow.

You can test the service now at no cost by emailing [YourCellNumber] No sign-up required. You will receive a reply to your email address used to send the email. You can add an attachment or reply with a photo.

Following are some benefits of using the SimplTxt platform:

  • SimplTxt centralizes all texts messages for compliance monitoring.
  • Uses your existing email system, so there is not another platform to learn.
  • Easy client file attachment process for documentation purposes.
  • Employees will no longer have to expose their phone numbers.
  • An easy way to increase client engagement.

Once an employee emails a phone number, any responses will come back automatically to that employee who originated the communication. If the number is texted without your organization originating it, the email will be sent to the central email you listed during the setup process.

Payment plans start at $10 monthly for 300 text messages. Other plans are available for $15 monthly (500 messages) and $20 (1,000 messages). All plans are month to month, so there is no long-term commitment.

As I said previously, there are various options for implementing text messaging within your organization. I wanted to share this with you today as another option that might make sense for you to explore.

What is your organization using to make text message communication available to your prospects and clients?

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