The Top 10 TechTips of 2018

I published fifty TechTips in 2018. I realize that with the continued flood of email, some of these TechTips may have gotten sent to a “read later” folder and were forgotten. Others may have scanned the issue but didn’t have time to research to see if the tip would help.

Top ten TechTips

I have never promised that every issue will be earth-shattering and life-changing. But I do hope there were a few gems over the course of the year that significantly impacted productivity and effectiveness for you individually and for your organization.

In this issue, I am highlighting my Top 10 TechTips for 2018.


This platform allows you to look up residential and commercial property information and presents it in a single report. Over the past year, several additional data sources have been added including building permit information that enhances the quality and accuracy of the information provided. A limited free version is available that you can test. The paid version allows access to the entire data set. Read the TechTips issue on RiskLookUp.

Microsoft Pix Photo App

There are a wide variety of camera apps for smartphones. I continue to find myself using the Microsoft Pix camera because of its ease of use and ability to create panoramic views. It also can now scan documents. Moreover, the best part is it’s free. Read the TechTips issue on Microsoft Pix Photo App.

Using a Wide Monitor

Over the years I have preferred two or three single monitors instead of one wide monitor for desktop use. Because of advancements in monitor design and the graphics software included, I have changed my mind. This TechTips provides you with my reasons why. Read the TechTips issue on Using a Wide Monitor.

Documenting Text Messages

I wrote two articles this year on how to think about documenting text messages. I have had many requests to reprint those articles in industry publications. So, I wanted to highlight these articles again for you as a reminder of how important it is to capture and appropriately document client communications via text. Read the TechTips issues on Documenting Text Messages here and here.

Digital Broker Podcast

I hope you forgive me for a bit of self-promotion, but I am pleased with the feedback we are receiving about the Digital Broker Podcast. As I write this, we have published 38 episodes. If you haven’t been listening, I invite you to check it out. Check out some of the back issues of Digital Broker Podcast and sign up here.


Visme is a graphics platform that allows you to create compelling visual content easily. It’s especially good at helping you create powerful infographics. Read the TechTips issue on Visme.


Grammarly is a virtual editor that helps make sure that any communication you send others is grammatically correct. Every email, letter, or article I write is run through Grammarly for a final check before I send it off. It’s a great tool to help make sure your written communication comes across well. Read the TechTips issue on Grammarly.


TotalCSR is an online training program that brings a new employee without any insurance experience up to speed quickly on how to perform the functions of a commercial CSR. Since its launch in June, they have added a “soft skills” module and plan on adding a personal lines training module in the first Quarter of 2019. The pricing is very reasonable. Read the TechTips issue on TotalCSR.

MunichRE LossDetect

The MunichRE LossDetect platform allows you to provide your commercial fleet clients with a more in-depth view of their claims activity. Specifically, the platform will provide recommendations on loss prevention tools and processes that will reduce future claims activity and severity. It’s becoming important for every agent to provide additional loss prevention tools to their clients. This platform is one tool you should explore. Read the TechTips issue on MunichRE LossDetect.


SimplTxt is a simple and low-cost solution for providing text messaging capability to your organization. The advantage of SimplTxt is that it uses email as the interaction platform. SimplTxt makes it very easy to document text messaging using the standard email attachment process. Read the TechTips issue on SimplTxt.


Hopefully one of the above Top 10 TechTips will help you be more productive and effective. What other tips, tools, and platforms have you found to be especially helpful in your personal life or for your organization?

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