Transfer Pictures Fast from Your Phone to Computer

I take a lot of pictures with my phone. It could be a photo of a PowerPoint slide during a presentation, something fun I see when I’m out and about and want to post online, pictures of the grandkids (of course!), or a host of other reasons. It’s great to capture on my phone, but it can be cumbersome to move them off my phone into my picture folder.

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For agents and brokers who are visiting a client or for prospect photos of the property, pictures can be a great tool to include as part of a carrier submission.

Unfortunately, getting the photos from your phone to your computer so you can use them in other programs can often be a multi-step process.

Microsoft is experimenting with a tool that helps streamline the process. It is called Microsoft Photos Companion.

Photos Companion is a Microsoft garage project that works with the Microsoft Photos app, which is included in Windows 10, to transfer photos and videos from a phone to a PC over a Wi-Fi connection.

While it is an “experimental” app, Photos Companion is a fast and easy way to send pictures to your PC over Wi-Fi. Using it is simple and straightforward.

  1. Download the photo companion app from your phone’s App Store. The app supports both iOS and Android platforms.
  2. Open the app and follow the instructions under “How do I use this app.”
  3. Remember, both your laptop/desktop and your phone need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  4. On a Windows 10 PC, open the Photos app.
  5. Click on the import button located in the top right of the window. Then click on From Mobile over Wi-Fi.
  6. You will be able to choose photos and videos from your phone camera roll.
  7. Your photos will be imported to your computer.

Click here to read more about the Microsoft Photo App.

What process do you use to move photos from your phone to a computer?

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2 thoughts on “Transfer Pictures Fast from Your Phone to Computer

  1. Good new option Steve

    I currently have my photos automatically loaded onto google drive and then I can see them on my PC. It works well and very quickly and with standard resolution, totally free – the only downside in that every picture is transferred and I take a lot of bad pictured before I get the one I really want to keep!

  2. Hi Steve,
    The Photos companion idea seems simple but unfortunately my past experience is that Microsoft will find a way to complicate even the most simple idea. I have used Google GSuite for years (since 2006) and syncing photos is an absolute breeze. There are several different ways to sync Google Photos to your PC but I find it’s easiest to just allow my Mobile device to sync/back up my photos to Google Photos and then log into Google Photos from Chrome web browser and then download what I need.
    I then delete the photos in the web browser, which, with proper phone app settings, automatically deletes the photos from my mobile device.
    And, better yet, even though Google Photos deletes the items from my device, Google Photos keeps all deleted items in the Trash folder for 30 days before they are actually permanently deleted.
    So, thank you again for the review of the new Microsoft app but I’ll stick with the tried and true Google Photos.