How to Read Personal Documents on Your Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle is the most popular eBook reader. Many know how easy it is (sometimes too easy!) to purchase and download a new book onto their Kindle device. I like using a Kindle because it is easy, lightweight, and allows me to quickly highlight key points and take notes.

Send to Kindle Install

But, what about other documents that are not traditional books? These could be a PDF document, a report you want to review, or any other type of document that you want to take with you on your Kindle. Amazon has had a way to send documents to a Kindle for some time. Every Kindle device has a unique email address you can use to attach a document and send it to your device.

This does work fine. However, Amazon has made it just a little bit easier to get a document onto your Kindle by using Send to Kindle (for both Windows and Mac) as an option in Windows Explorer.

Once you download and install the application, you will need to link to your Amazon account.

Now the Send to Kindle option will appear when you right click on a file in Windows Explorer or in the print dialog of any Windows application. To send multiple documents to Kindle without opening them, merely select documents and choose “Send to Kindle” from the right-click menu in Windows Explorer.

You can download archived personal documents from any Kindle device or using the free reading app on your iOS or Android device. Whispersync of notes, highlights, bookmarks, and last page read is available on your archived personal documents that have been converted into Kindle format. Learn more about Kindle Personal Document Service here.

What other tips and tricks do you use to read non-book documents on your Kindle?

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