How to Maximize Agency Download Using IVANS Exchange

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When I talk about the efficiencies of using agency download in my presentations, I always start by saying, “Stop Whining, Download Works!”

IVANS Exchange

And then I go on to say, “Yes, you can give me examples of where there are problems with a certain line of business with a certain company. However, the tools available are better today than ever to help you maximize download.”

Streamlining communication between your agency and your carrier partners is a key to data quality and increased productivity by eliminating as much manual data entry as possible. I have written about how to use the IVANS Exchange Portal before, but continue to be surprised by how many agency owners do not know this tool is available.

A Look at the IVANS Exchange Portal

The IVANS Exchange Portal is a tool that your agency can use to view and manage your carrier download connections on demand quickly. The graphical agency dashboard provides a comprehensive view of the agency’s current and potential download activity with carriers. It includes an on-demand IVANS Connections Report, download usage reports, and current industry news regarding agency interface.

The “Connections” tab provides a list of your current download partners. A grid by carrier partner, line of business, and type of download such as Activity Notes provides a quick view of the download currently implemented for the agency. It also highlights download that is available but not currently implemented in your agency.

An interesting option gives you the ability to mark on the grid download options that you would like a particular carrier to implement. This information can be used by IVANS to demonstrate to individual insurance companies the number of their agents who are requesting specific download capability.

The “Feedback” tab is a fast and easy way to see the results from the insurance company when you have reported an issue with the download process.

It’s easy to get started. If you already know your IVANS user ID and password, you can use that information to log in.

If you don’t know your IVANS user ID and password, go to and complete the information on the form. Your login credentials will be sent to you.

I recommend that every agency owner review their Exchange report at least each quarter to see if there are new download options available that will streamline the communications between your insurance company partners and your agency.

The IVANS Exchange portal is a great tool that will help every agency, regardless of size, maximize productivity by maximizing carrier communication options.

Make sure you sign up today.

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