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My computer is very organized. I maintain a particular folder structure that allows me to find documents and information quickly. The downside of that organization is that often it can take many clicks to get to the specific folder that has the information I’m looking for.


I have found a quick and easy solution – QuickJump.

QuickJump is a simple program that allows you to do one primary thing — navigate to folders quickly using search parameters. I’ve been testing it for the last couple of months and am surprised at how much I rely on it for quick navigation.

You can see in the screenshot my folder structure for organizing each document for this weekly TechTips. Using Windows Explorer to navigate to the “2019 TechTips” folder takes five mouse clicks.

As you can see in the below QuickJump animation , I search for partial phrases of the folder name and the program sorts through thousands of folders to find the exact one I want to access.

QuickJump demo

Benefits of QuickJump

Find and Open Folders Quickly: The program sits in the background waiting to be activated with a control-shift-J command. You can control what folders are indexed, including network holders.

Works with Microsoft Office: The program also works with “File Open,” “Save As,” and “Browse for Folder” windows of any application.

Enterprise Ready: For large installations an enterprise version is available, which allows for centralized deployment and management of configuration settings.


The Standard version (for individuals) is $3 per month (paid annually).

The Enterprise version is $5 per user per month (paid annually).

A 30-day trial is available so you can download and test it out to see how much time it might save.

QuickJump is one of those little tools that save a lot of time and frustration and quickly fades into the background. The biggest issue I found is breaking my habit of using Windows Explorer to navigate to folders. QuickJump is a fast and easy way to find any folder quickly and easily, especially when you don’t remember where you put it.

What tools do you find helpful to navigate to folders?

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