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There are many options for finding news and information about the Property & Casualty insurance industry.

A new online resource, InsFohub, is now available with the goal of providing a single source of free news and information for Property & Casualty insurance professionals.

What is InsFohub?

The company name, InsFohub, stands for “Insurance Information Hub.” The site aggregates Property & Casualty information from a variety of sources (including some of my TechTips) to provide a FREE single source of news and information for Property & Casualty insurance professionals. They are organizing the information on the site to allow any user to find information FAST.

We all have had the experience of googling for specific insurance information only to find millions of results. Now, what do we do? The experienced partners at InsFohub have built a website that is specific to our industry, informative, and can save you time.

The website continues to add new content. If you would like to include new content or have suggestions, they are more than willing to listen.

Check it out at

What do you find as the best source of P&C information?

Steve Anderson provides information to insurance agents about how they can use technology to increase revenue and/or reduce expenses. He speaks professionally to hundreds of agents each year on the future of technology, the social web, and how insurance agencies can establish their Internet presence.

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2 thoughts on “InsFoHub – A New Source for P&C Information

  1. It looks like a great resource. I get the usual P&C news emails from the usual sources. I wish this website could send a compilation newsletter (I didn’t see a place to sign up for an email list) because I’m not going to think to check the website manually.