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The response to my new book, The Bezos Letters: 14 Principles to Grow Your Business Like Amazon, has been gratifying. From appearing on The Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestsellers list to the great conversations I have had with many people, it has been exciting to see how people are resonating with the principles and how they can learn from Jeff Bezos.

The Bezos Letters

One of the common questions I am getting is, “Steve, how do I know which principles I should work on first?”

It’s a great question, and with 14 Principles, there are many things you could use to grow your business, so it’s important to know what’s right for you.

That’s why I’m excited to announce the availability of the Anderson Risk and Growth Assessment™.

This is the inaugural launch of the Assessment and I’m making it available to you for two reasons.

Because you’ve been a loyal reader of this newsletter, I wanted you to have access to the Assessment first.

And second, doing an Assessment is new for us and because I value your honest feedback, I would appreciate your letting me know if something doesn’t work or isn’t clear. In The Bezos Letters, the 14 Principles are divided into 4 Cycles. They start with Test. It is my goal to “walk the talk” and apply the principles to my own business, so I am testing this out with you.

By definition, testing means you don’t know the outcome, so it makes sense to test smart. I’m asking you to help test the Assessment because I trust your feedback and, therefore, this is a safe place to take a risk! (Feel free to send any comments to my amazing assistant Sissi at

This Assessment has been specifically designed to be easy and quick to complete and provide you with a report to help you better understand how you can best apply the Risk and Growth Principles to your organization.

When it comes to growing a business, there’s no one-size-fits-all method because all businesses are in different growth cycles and face varying degrees of risk.

If you take this two-three minute Risk and Growth Assessment, I’ll reveal your specific Risk & Growth Profile along with which principle you should focus your resources on first for the most significant impact.

As a reminder, here are the 4 Risk and Growth Cycles with the principles associated with each cycle.

14 growth principles

The Assessment is absolutely free, and you don’t need to have read the book to begin applying the principles. Although, frankly, the book will help you better understand the impact each principle can have on your business.

I encourage you to take the Free Assessment right now and discover which principles can help your business grow like Amazon.

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