Do You Need a Last-Minute Gift Idea?

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With the holidays and 2020 fast approaching, do you need a gift idea for someone interested in business or organizational growth?

Gift idea

Send that special person a copy of The Bezos Letters, the book that will help them discover the surprising ways Jeff Bezos built Amazon and the connection between risk and growth for their business, non-profit, or organization.

The Bezos Letters


You can find more detailed information on the book at And below are links to a few recent independent reviews of The Bezos Letters.

How It Works

  1. Think of the business people in your life who want to grow their organizations.
  2. Buy The Bezos Letters: 14 Principles to Grow Your Business like Amazon from Amazon (of course), Barnes & Noble, or your favorite bookstore.
  3. Download and print this gift message and let them know the book is on the way.

Different Versions of The Bezos Letters 

Ebook and audiobook are fastest! (Simply gift the ebook or audiobook using the recipient’s email address from your shopping cart.)

Print & Electronic Versions

Audio Version


For those of you in Canada, The Bezos Letters is available at your local Indigo bookstore as well as online.

Do You Want to Order Print Books for Your Team?

Bulk orders of The Bezos Letters are available from Porchlight.

Taking smart risks and business growth is what sustains us all. Whether you love him or hate him, Bezos has done an interesting job of both. I hope you, your friends, and family will enjoy learning some of my takeaways on how he did it.

Happy Holidays,
Steve Anderson

P.S. Maybe that businessperson is you! Treat yourself to a copy of The Bezos Letters. You deserve to start 2020 with a clear idea of how you can use risk strategically to grow like Amazon.

PPS: Have you already read The Bezos Letters? Would you do me a favor? Leave an honest review on your favorite platform. Ratings and reviews are one of the best ways to help others discover The Bezos Letters. Thanks in advance for your help!

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