Microsoft Adds AI-Powered Editor to Word

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I seldom write anything — article, LinkedIn post, or a comment — that I don’t first run through a grammar checker. I’ve been writing almost my entire career and learned early on that a good editor is worth their weight in gold. If something doesn’t make sense to the editor, it certainly won’t make sense to the reader. I’ve always felt a good editor enhances what I write.

microsoft editor

I’ve written previously about Grammarly – my current preferred automated Editor tool. I have paid to use this tool for several years and find it to be a great help.

Microsoft Editor

Microsoft has included limited editing capabilities in its Microsoft Word product for some time. In the past, I have considered it to be more of a quick spelling and simple grammar checker. It works fine, but I find Grammarly provides a deeper depth and evaluation.

editor screenshot

editor screenshotThat may be changing.

Microsoft recently announced a new service called Microsoft Editor – which some are calling the Grammarly Killer — to several of its Office suite of products, including Word. The full version is available as part of a Microsoft 365 personal and family subscription.

A couple of interesting features include:

  • Rewrite: When you have an idea what you want to say but can’t quite find the right way to say it, you can now highlight a sentence and right-click for “rewrite suggestions.”
  • Plagiarism checker: Grammarly has included a plagiarism checker for some time. Microsoft Editor offers a similar capability. It will allow you to insert relevant citations right into your document with just a click.
  • Style critiques: Additional style critiques include clarity, conciseness, informality, and inclusiveness.

Writing well is a learned skill that every person in insurance should practice. Tools like Microsoft Editor and Grammarly both will help your writing to be more clear and concise.

What tools do you use to check your writing?

On another note: I also wrote an article this week that is a bit of a rant. I posted it on LinkedIn and Facebook. In case you missed it, here is the link: Is Your Insurance Agency an Association Freeloader? I invite your comments and feedback.

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft Adds AI-Powered Editor to Word

  1. Steve,

    I’ve used the free version of Grammarly for a while and really like it (In fact, Grammarly popped up while I was typing this response to correct a misspelling).

    Your insights on Microsoft Editor are intriguing. I hope its plagiarism checker and other features are robust. Thanks for the insights as always!