ActiveWords: Auto Correct on Steroids — and Much More

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Keystrokes cost money. When you reduce the number of times you need to type a word or phrase, you will increase your productivity and save money.


I’m always looking for tools that help you get back the only thing you cannot buy: Time.

There are countless daily activities that you repeatedly do. Writing the same email to different clients, logging into the same sites, opening the same folders, even just typing your email address.

ActiveWords is one of the tools I could not function without.

What I like about ActiveWords is that it allows these actions to be easily repeatable. ActiveWords enables you to leverage your vocabulary and innate naming ability using words you enter or select in any context to accomplish a variety of actions.

Substitute Text

You can think of ActiveWords as Microsoft Word’s “Auto-Correct” on steroids. The difference is you can use text substitutions in any program that accepts text input, including your agency management system.

For example, I type my email address into different forms and programs a lot. Now, all I do is type “sa,” hit the space bar twice (the ActiveWords trigger key), and my full email address ( is inserted where my cursor is placed.

Three keystrokes versus 23 keystrokes. A savings of 20 keystrokes. So what? Multiply that by the number of times it is typed in a day, and it adds up. And at the same time, this process increases data entry accuracy. These text substitutions can be used across your entire organization and will work anywhere you can type.

Text Substitutions

These are slightly different than we described above and illustrate one of the benefits of using ActiveWords, the ability to create and use applications. An ActiveWords application is a set of predefined actions in ActiveWords that serves a specific need.

For example, I have added the “Capitalizations” application to my ActiveWords WordBase. This application contains common capitalizations. Words like “august” will be converted to “August,” type “arnold” and get “Arnold” as you type. ActiveWords does this by monitoring your keyboard, recognizing what you type, and automatically making the text substitution.

Additional capabilities

Additional capabilities include:

Open Programs, Files, and Folders: You can set up a link for an ActiveWord that will open anything on your system. For example, I created the ActiveWord ‘qtan’ that opens QuickBooks accounting software with the Anderson Network files loaded.

Need to open your folder that contains tax information? Just enter and trigger the word “taxes” and the folder is opened on your desktop. You can name all your most frequently used programs, files, and folders, and have them available instantly from within any program.

Scripting: For those who are comfortable with simple programming, the ActiveWords Scripting Language allows you to create custom commands. Many of the free ActiveWord applications described above rely on the scripting language to provide advanced services like automated web searches and time/date stamps.

ActiveWords works only on Windows computers. A free 60-day trial is available so you can try it out. An individual license is $30 per year. An Enterprise version is also available that allows multiple users to share a common WordBase.

E&O Protection

It is common practice to use abbreviations when recording activities. There is a good reason — less typing means you save time. Unfortunately, those abbreviations may not make sense in the future — especially if the abbreviations are not standardized in the agency. ActiveWords solves this by allowing the organization to standardize abbreviations across all users. Type the abbreviation, and the full phrase is automatically inserted into the text, making the meaning clear.

ActiveWords for Insurance Application

I have worked with the ActiveWords team to create an ActiveWords for Insurance Application. This insurance application can easily be added to your WordBase to add 58 common insurance terms. For example, when you type “bop,” ActiveWords will automatically insert “Business-Owners Policy” into your text. This application is free to download and use. Remember, it is easy to add new words or edit what we have included customizing for your specific needs.

ActiveWords is auto correct on steroids and much more. I recommend you get your copy today.

What tools do you use to save keystrokes?

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3 thoughts on “ActiveWords: Auto Correct on Steroids — and Much More

  1. Steve: Thanks so much! Great write up. Kevin, here’s the rub that we see about Quick Parts. First they are local to that computer, and if you use say a second computer you have to either import them or recreate them in someway. ActiveWords syncs to the cloud, and works in any app. Say you are in the Web version of Outlook. As I recall there are no Quick Parts. ActiveWords 4.0 works in any app, any time, anywhere, and does vastly more. Our pricing of say $30 breaks down to $.08 or so a day. Our typical user seems to save 30-45 minutes of productive time a day. For $.08 the ROI on your cash and time is stunning. We just created a new tab on our website as to our features. It’s here: Independent insurance professionals are a really important market for us. If you want to make time, I will get on Zoom with you, and walk you through ActiveWords 4.0 top to bottom. I grew up in an insurance family. My mom was a partner in an agency and my uncle had his own agency. I know that one of the most important things is time, and having the time to focus either on selling or customer service. Feel free to reach me at Buzz

  2. Hi Steve – No where near as capable as ActiveWord, but at no cost Outlook has “Quick Parts” that does a nice job of pre-filling words, phrases, etc. Instead of typing “Certificate of Insurance”, Evidence of Property”, etc. you can type just a few letters and hit enter.