How to Use Email Signatures as a Marketing Tool

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Your organization sends out hundreds – if not thousands – of emails every week to clients and prospects. Every one of these emails is a branding and sales opportunity.

Email Signature Platforms

But it would help if you were intentional about using this communication channel.

While email newsletters are a great way to engage with your clients, the regular emails you send out could provide a gentle reminder of all of the other products and services you have available.

Creating standard email signatures is nothing new. Outlook has the capability of creating multiple standard email signatures and allowing individuals to choose which signature they want to use on a particular email. The problem? There is no way to centrally manage the messages that are included in the email signature for all employees.

That is where an email signature service could be a valuable marketing tool.

Email Signature Platforms

These platforms offer the ability to centrally manage every email signature and update individual user Outlook signatures automatically. Your marketing manager can then create different marketing campaigns promoting new products (an umbrella policy) by uploading an image or entering text into the platform. Employees’ signatures are automatically updated, so they don’t need to edit any information. This makes it easy to have a consistent message going out.

The signatures blocks included in the emails are mobile responsive, so look as good on a mobile device as they do on a desktop.

Generally, employees manage their specific contact information. The organization administers the overall branding and marketing campaign content.

Some platforms allow you to create signature campaigns for different groups or departments. This would enable you to build various signature campaigns for your personal lines, small commercial, and larger commercial departments.

The platforms work with most email systems, including Outlook and Gmail.

Transactional emails are not often considered a marketing tool. Email signature platforms could change that by allowing the organization to manage a marketing campaign centrally. Here are just a few ideas of the types of marketing campaigns that you can include in an email signature:

Referrals: Referrals are always valuable. Who knows how many new referrals you could obtain using a gentle reminder at the bottom of an email?

Newsletters and Social Media: Include a banner that invites people to follow you on various social platforms.

Upsell/Cross-Sell: Are you sure every client knows the full scope of the products and services you offer? You could create a marketing calendar that highlights a different type of product every month, and all of the emails are going out to your current clients.

Three of the platforms I have tested include:

How do you use email signatures to market your products and services?

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