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Finding and fixing spelling and grammar errors is an essential part of your online brand. In past TechTips, I’ve written about tools I use to make sure I catch as many of these issues as possible. I primarily use Grammarly to check and fix all of my articles for these types of mistakes. I’ve also written about the Microsoft Editor for Word as another option.


Your company website is another place you should make sure to find and fix any errors, including broken links. A broken link is a link to another website that no longer works. This is one of the most irritating problems I find on sites.

Automated Website Checking

TripleChecker Software checks articles as well as content on other website pages and flags potential problems. Although these tools can never replace a professional proofreader, using one of these tools is better than not checking your site at all.

Quality content is essential as search algorithms penalize a site’s visibility if it contains grammatical errors on pages.

You can even hire a professional editor for longer pieces. However, a reliable checker is the most economical way to do grammar checking and creating polished content without a single grammar error or spelling mistake.

Automated — TripleChecker catches spelling errors, grammar errors, broken links, and other errors on your website automatically.

Notifications — You are notified immediately whenever new errors are found. The goal is catching errors before your customer sees them.

Custom Rules — You can create custom rules based on your specific business needs.

Subscription Plans

Access to the service is based on a monthly subscription plan. Pricing is available for small sites (up to 100 pages), medium sites (up to 1,000 pages), and in large sites (up to 5,000 pages). Pricing starts at $10 per month and goes up to $150 per month. Pricing is based on the number of pages checked and how often it is checked — monthly, weekly, or daily.

Full information is available at

What tools do you use to make sure your website doesn’t contain any errors?

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