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Content marketing has proven to be a very effective way to raise the visibility of your organization in an online search. One of the more common forms of creating content is to write articles that are posted on your website. Another effective way to repurpose that content is to create eBooks (electronic books) as downloadable PDFs.

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Some people prefer printing out a document and reading than trying to read it online. There also may be a higher perceived value of the information if it’s contained in an electronic book. There are tools today that allow you to import text into an online platform that will enable you to create PDF documents easily. These types of materials are also known as lead magnets.

One such platform I have used is Beacon.

Instead of relying on outside designers, Beacon allows me to quickly and easily take content and repurpose it as a designed PDF.

Working with designers is great, but when budgets and time are tight, it would be easier if you could handle that process yourself. Beacon is designed to help marketers take full control of lead magnet design — from starting a project to updating copy or changing images before launch.

You can start with one of their professional templates or create and reuse one of your own.

Template Types

Beacon helps you to create six different types of lead magnet:

  1. eBook — An eBook is a longer resource that gives a comprehensive insight into a particular topic. eBooks are one of the most popular lead magnets because they help you to show the depth of your knowledge and go into the level of detail that would be too much for a standard blog post.
  2. Resource Guide — A Resource Guide is a collection of recommended items the reader can purchase to achieve a better result. These recommended items could be anything from books to apps, websites, or even physical products.
  3. Checklist — A Checklist is a series of actionable tasks that help the reader to implement a particular strategy.
  4. Workbook — A Workbook is a teaching resource that you can use to help your readers work through a particular activity. Workbooks are more interactive than the average lead magnet because you will give your readers a series of tasks or questions and have them answer them in the space you have provided.
  5. Email Templates — If you are giving your readers a sample of content that they should send as an email, then the Email Templates format is perfect. This lead magnet will clearly show what subject line to use and what to write in the body of the email.
  6. Video Lookbook — A lookbook is a collection of visual samples that are usually curated from third-party sources. Sometimes, all people need is a little inspiration, and best practice examples from your industry can help to inspire and motivate your audience.

Whichever format you choose will include some helper content to get you started. You can replace this helper content with your own for a fully customized product.

Creating Your First Lead Magnet

  • Click the “Create New” button on your dashboard.
  • Choose a format for your lead magnet.
  • Import content from your website (optional).
  • Choose a visual theme for your document.

That’s it! Once you choose your theme, you can move on to editing your first document.

Editing Your First Lead Magnet

Using a template is an easy way to get started. Now you can edit all aspects of the document to fit your needs.

If you’re on the Beacon dashboard, you can edit a lead magnet by clicking on the title of that lead magnet.

Once the Beacon editor opens, you will see this screen:

You can edit and change most anything you see but before we dive in, let’s review some quick Beacon terminology:

Document — You’ll see this referring to your lead magnet as a whole. Document settings, for example, are used to change the overall settings for the entire lead magnet (versus a single page). Learn more about document settings here.

Page — Every lead magnet is made up of pages. These are the foundation of your lead magnet.

Card — Cards make up the elements on the pages. Cards are pieces of content, the creative elements. A card could be a text block, an image, a headline, a spacer, and more.

Editing the layout and design — To edit any element on a page, just click it. When you click the element, it becomes active, and the menu on the left-hand side will change.

You can also highlight text on the page and replace it with your text.

You can go through each page in your document and make changes in this same way.

Once you are happy with the look and feel of your document, click “Publish.”

You can download the PDF referenced in this article to see how the final results look.

Beacon Pricing

There is a free version (that does not include templates) you can use to test out how this strategy might work for you.

For $49 per month ($490 annual prepay), you get access to the full template library, Traditional PDF download, and custom domain name capability.

Repurposing content as downloadable PDFs is a great way to engage with prospects.

How is your organization repurposing your content? What tools are you using?

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