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If your household is anything like mine, you might get comments like, “Honey, the internet is not working!”

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The most important tool you have to work from home is your internet connection. I have learned some things over the last few months that I thought I’d share to help you maximize your internet speed.

Your internet speed is especially crucial if you share your connection with multiple people (including kids in a virtual school).

Your Internet Speed

You should check to make sure you are receiving all the speed for which you are paying. Two tools that will help are:

I wrote an article that goes into more detail if you want more information. It also may be a good time to talk to your Internet service provider about increasing the speed to your house.

Update Your Router

If you have not upgraded to a new router in the last couple of years, it could be the reason you do not have access to all the full internet speed available. Also, some routers are not able to handle higher internet speeds.

We recently canceled our cable internet subscription and moved to AT&T’s fiber-optic cable, with upload and download speeds of 1 GB. Yes, it is fast! To take full advantage of that speed, I needed to purchase new, high-speed routers.

Mesh Routers

One way to make sure you have the best coverage possible in all areas of your house is to use a mesh router. Mesh routers automatically connect to provide access to a broader area. You want to make sure you maximize your WiFi. A mesh router connects multiple access points to give you a broader and stronger signal in places in your house where you might have a drop-off.

While there is an increasing number of mesh routers now available, the popular ones seem to be the Eero from Amazon and Google Nest WiFi. I have used the Eero system for several years.

One thing to keep in mind is that the more devices connected to your WiFi, the slower the potential throughput might be.

Another way to maximize your internet speed is not to use WiFi. Instead, use an ethernet cable from your main router directly into the computer. This wired connection will always provide the fasted speed.

Is It Down?

Sometimes it is not your internet connection that is the problem. It could be the site you are trying to access is down. To verify the site is working correctly, you can use a service like Is It Down Right Now.

“Is It Down Right Now” monitors the status of a wide variety of websites and checks whether they are down or not. Check a website status quickly by using their test tool. Just enter the URL and a fresh site status test will be performed on the domain name in real time using the online website checker tool.

I hope these tips will help you troubleshoot those frustrating times when you don’t have internet access or it’s not as fast as it should be.

What tips have you learned over the last few months to make working from home better?

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One thought on “Maximize Your Home Internet Speed

  1. Great article Steve…

    A couple of thoughts, when I was having problems, I called Comcast and patiently complained that there service was not up to par. Took me about three calls, and after I pointed out all the problems, they sent out a couple pretty smart tech guys, fixed the problems and tripled my speed for free.

    The second thing I did was read the reviews for routers at, I bought a Motorola router, runs like a charm and while I’m not getting the speeds you are, I’m getting 300 MBS down in an older neighbor.

    Right now everything is working flawlessly. Fingers crossed it stays that way.