Benefits of a Standing Desk

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I have been using a standing desk in my office for over five years.

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My original standing desk was from Vari (formerly known as VariDesk). There were a couple of reasons I decided on this type of standing desk. One, the cost was reasonable. For between $400 and $500 plus shipping, you can add a standing desk option to an existing office. This is quite a bit less expensive than the other options I explored. Two, this desk is also fully adjustable. The desk is manually adjustable from sitting height to standing height. This allows you more options during your workday.

I have been a very satisfied user for many years. And then I started seeing the prices of electric standing desks drop. Last year, I found one at Costco for $200 and immediately went to get it. I ended up getting a second standing desk for $250. One of the benefits of an electric standing desk is that you can preset specific heights that you use often. Both of my desks have four preset options available. This allows me to change from standing to sitting position with the touch of one button. I also have a standing desk at home that my wife uses occasionally, and I use it whenever I happen to be working from home.

The purchase of the new standing desk prompted me to reconfigure my office completely. I got rid of the old traditional desk that I have had for at least 15 years. This allowed me to free up quite a bit of room in my office to use it more effectively for webinars and video shoots.

Below is a picture of my two standing desks. I have my primary desk to the right and a secondary work desk to the left. As you can see, I have monitors set up on both desks. I recently purchased a new laptop, so I have the old laptop running on the second desk for processing-intensive tasks like video rendering. This allows me to continue working at full speed on my new laptop.
Steve's standing desks

Benefits of Using a Standing Desk

Some of the benefits I’ve experienced by standing while working include:

  • My shoulders hurt less — I was having quite a few problems with my shoulders and neck from sitting in a desk chair all day. This pain has gone away with my standing desk.
  • More energy — I feel more energized from being on my feet. This is especially apparent to me when I am talking on the phone and/or giving a webinar. It is much easier for me to get into “presentation mode” when I am standing than when I sit. I feel like a higher level of energy allows me to communicate better in non-face-to-face situations.
  • More focus — I tend to think and concentrate better when I can move. I am writing this article standing and pacing while using Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software to “type” the content.

If you go online and search for “benefits of the standing desk,” you will see some articles talking about the benefits and the negatives of using a standing desk. I do believe there are health benefits to using a standing desk, but like anything, it can be overdone.

I do recommend you explore the option of adding a standing desk to your office or workstation. For me, Vari’s desks were a great choice to start, and I have been spoiled with the ease of the electric desk.

If you want to explore the do-it-yourself route, Bob Vila has an article on standing desk projects that you may find helpful.

Do you use a standing desk? If no, why not? If yes, what have been the benefits you have experienced?

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3 thoughts on “Benefits of a Standing Desk

  1. Good Stuff! We offer a standing desk for all our team if they want one and most do – and love them. How do you like the Dragon dictation software? Any others you’d recommend?

  2. Steve – I’ve been using a standing desk since early this year. Love the ability to quickly switch between sitting and standing – trying to swap back and forth between the two throughout the day. Though I have to be careful with less stable things that are behind the monitors, like a light ring for web cams. I’ve seen the most positive differences in my back.
    Looks like you are using gel pads to minimize foot/legs stress – any you would recommend?