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Getting your marketing message noticed in this information-saturated world is more challenging than ever.

using gifs

Some marketers have begun to utilize animated gifs in emails and social media posts to get your attention. Yes, Graphics Interchange Format files — those gifs. They’re not quite videos, but they’re so much more than just images.

If you think gifs are silly little internet fodder — they are. But if you believe that they have no place in business, then you might want to do some experimenting. They might be a way to add a little bit of ‘character’ to your agency. Gifs let you add a little bit of movement to your marketing — and this simple form of animation can help with engagement.

While it might be an effective way to get somebody’s attention, be careful. Overusing gifs might do more harm than good.

So, my advice is to experiment with inserting gifts into your marketing messages with caution.

Last week I wrote about TechSmith’s Snagit program and the new capability of creating templates you can use to format your screen captures. Another ability of Snagit is to allow you to record a screen video and then convert it into an automated gif.

Create a GIF

  1. Use the Snagit video capture capability to create a short video (under 30 seconds).
  2. On the video, drag the start and end handles to select a portion of the video for the Animated GIF.
  3. Drag the play head to the green handle and click the Play button to preview the selection.
  4. When you are satisfied with the selection, click the Create Animated GIF button.
  5. The Create GIF dialog appears. Select an Optimize For option:
  • Screen Video (Default): Select this option if the video contains screen recording.
  • High Motion Video: Select this option if the video contains real-world video or games.
  • Reduced File Size: Select this option if you want to optimize for file size. Snagit scales the video dimensions down to have a max-width or height of 200 pixels.
  • Custom: Select this option if you want to customize the settings. See Custom GIF Settings.

After you’ve gone through these steps, click the Create button.

Snagit produces the Animated GIF file and adds it to the beginning of the Recent Captures Tray.

Keep in Mind…

Here are some takeaways:

  1. Gifs are more than just fun images on social posts. They can help you make a point or communicate in different ways — and clearer communication is always the goal.
  2. Adding character (or literal characters) to your agency brand adds a layer of consistency to your marketing and can be a different way to shape the way people think about your business.
  3. We live in a very connected world and people want to do business with other people. Adding personality to your brand through the words you use, images, gifs, or other types of animation will strengthen the connections you create with your ideal audience.

Have you been using gifs in your marketing? If so, what has been your experience?

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