Sending Email Whitelisting Instructions

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Email remains the primary method we use to communicate with others. It is essential to make sure the other party receives the emails you send.

email whitelisting

Spam (unwanted email) is a big problem and has made the process of making sure your email is received a bit more complicated. Many tools help manage and block unwanted emails from your inbox. Most agencies have a spam filter on their incoming email. So do your customers. Your incoming emails could be considered unwanted spam by your customer’s spam filter.

Practicing proper email etiquette is one way to help make sure your emails are received in your customer’s inbox. Another is providing instructions to your clients on how to “whitelist” your emails with their Internet Service Provider (ISP) to make sure they are received.

Whitelisting is the simple process of showing your client how to tell their email service provider that they do want to receive emails from you.

The complication is that every email provider has a different method by which the user whitelists your incoming email address.

There are several opportunities, especially at the start of the relationship, to encourage your clients to take the few minutes necessary to whitelist your email. This includes mentioning it on the sign-up form and thank you page or in a client onboarding welcome message.

Whitelisting Resources

There are some online resources that will help.

  • Hubspot has a document explaining the process that might be helpful as a template.
  • Email Delivery Jedi has created a web page that lists all major email service providers with instructions on how to whitelist. Again, you can use this as a template to create your web page. The advantage is that if the information changes, you have only one place to update it.
  • Do a search in your database to find the most common email services and create your instructions for each.

Providing email whitelisting instructions to new email subscribers is one way to make sure your emails are received.

What steps have you taken to improve your email delivery?

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