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LinkedIn continues to be the primary social platform where you can connect with other professionals. They recently started rolling out a new feature called “Cover Story.”

LinkedIn cover story

The new cover story allows you to add a video to your profile in addition to your profile photo. Adding a short introductory video further adds to the credibility of your profile and enhances your brand. The cover story will be displayed as a three-second preview (mute) to members before reverting to the profile photo. After that, viewers will have to tap on it to view the full video. When you add a cover story, an orange circle will appear around your profile photo.

Important: You can only record a cover story from the LinkedIn mobile app.

Adding a LinkedIn Cover Story

To add a cover story:

  1. Tap your profile photo > View Profile.
  2. Tap the Add icon on your profile photo > Add cover story > to Record video.

Some additional notes:

  • You’ll need to enable the camera and microphone access to record a cover story.
  • The video should be at least three seconds long. You can stop recording any time after this by tapping the record button.

After recording, you can:

  • Watch a preview of your cover story
  • Select the visibility of your cover story
  • Tap Next > Add to profile from the adjust preview screen.

To view, edit, or delete your cover story:

  • Tap your profile picture > View Profile.
  • Tap your profile photo > View or edit cover story.

From here, you can:

  1. Tap Edit to increase or decrease the preview size of the video, use video filters, adjust, change the position and size, or rotate your video.
  2. Tap Add to add a new video.
  3. Tap Delete to delete your cover story.
  4. Change the visibility of your cover story.
  5. Follow prompts to save or Add to profile.

You can click on your Cover Story on a desktop, but you can only delete the video. You have to use the mobile app to record a new one or upload a pre-recorded video.

Take a look at my LinkedIn profile to see my first attempt.

I will be testing to see which style of video receives the most engagement.

Some questions you may have:

Q: Since the video is only 30 seconds, do I need to introduce myself?

A: You can try both ways. When I didn’t introduce myself, it seemed awkward going right into my video script. So I decided to go with “Hi, I’m Steve Anderson” and described my two roles as Co-Founder and CEO of Catalyit and author of The Bezos Letters as my intro. Try it to see what works best for you.

Q: What should I say in my Cover Story?

A: You only have 30 seconds, so I recommend writing a script and having a call to action at the end. This helps you stay on point.

At the end of my video, I invite people to connect with me on LinkedIn. I think it’s best to keep them on your LinkedIn profile, so they learn more about you.

This is all new, so you should test various approaches to see what gets people to take action from your videos. Here are some answers to other questions you may have:

Q: Should I add my name and website in a banner at the bottom of the video?

A: I did not. A banner is too small to see on a mobile device, and, again, you only have 30 seconds. So I would not include a banner.

Q: Should I record in portrait or landscape mode.

A: LinkedIn currently favors using portrait (vertical) mode.

Keep in mind:

  1. A cover story can’t exceed 30 seconds.
  2. You must be using the latest version of the LinkedIn mobile app to create and watch cover stories.
  3. If a member has disabled autoplay of videos on LinkedIn, then the member can’t view the preview.
  4. You can view and delete a cover story from the LinkedIn desktop site.

Share links to your profile in the comments so everyone can learn from your experience.

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