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As a LinkedIn Influencer, I often receive early notification of changes and enhancements to the LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn constantly evaluates the features and functionality of the platform to make sure it fits the needs of users. I wanted you to be aware that an upcoming change is bringing together parts of the LinkedIn Live and Events experiences. The purpose is to enhance any virtual events you may have on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Events

What Are the Changes?

A scheduled live stream will automatically create a public event post. When you create a Scheduled Live stream from one of LinkedIn’s third-party streaming software partner platforms (Restream, Socialive, StreamYard, and Switcher), it’ll automatically show up on the LinkedIn feed as a new LinkedIn Event post. This change combines the discovery benefits of LinkedIn Events with the viral reach and engagement of LinkedIn Live.

Timing: This change will roll out gradually starting August 2021.

For events scheduled before August 1: If before August 1, 2021, you set up a LinkedIn Event dated after August 1, 2021, and you are planning to leverage Scheduled Live, you run the risk of having two separate instances of your event on LinkedIn, which can split your audience. To avoid this, we recommend you go live directly from your Page or Event rather than use Scheduled Live for this event. You can still share the link to this live stream in your LinkedIn Event feed.

If you have events scheduled from August 2021 onwards and intend to use LinkedIn Live and Events together, we recommend you regularly check help articles for any updates.

Notifications: As part of this change, anyone who clicked “attend” on the event will receive reminder notifications seven days, three days, and 15 minutes before the scheduled live event. In addition, when the scheduled event is live, LinkedIn will send notifications to a subset of your profile or page followers.

You will now be able to schedule a live stream more than seven days in advance. LinkedIn will be removing the limit on how far ahead of time you can schedule your live event. This gives you more time to gather a large audience.

Timing: This change will roll out gradually starting August 2021.

For Pages with LinkedIn Live access, any Super or Content Page admin can go live on behalf of the Page. Individual admins no longer have to apply for access. In addition, there is no longer a limit on the number of admins who can go live on behalf of a Page. Any Super or Content Page admin will have access to go live for your Page.

Timing: This is now available to 100% of Pages with Live Video access.

Merging the best of LinkedIn Live and Events is a step to enhance your engagement on the platform further.

How have you used LinkedIn Live or Events to promote your agency?

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One thought on “Upcoming Changes to LinkedIn Live and Events

  1. Hi Steve, This is a complete mess right now. I don’t think there was a need to merge the two. I recently scheduled two events and had problems in both.

    in the first case my Live scheduled for 14th August went smooth on Youtube but didn’t connect on Linkedin. I had to interrupt my session, remove the destination, and then had to go live direct. So now I have different video lengths on Youtube and Linkedin.

    In the second instance, I scheduled the live for 21st Aug and the scheduling kept giving error on Linkedin. I had to then connect Streamyard to Linkedin Events, create an event, put its ID on Streamyard and then go live. My no. of views on this live are 1/10th of what I generally get!

    So its complete mess now. I don’t know why fix something that aint broke.

    Do you know any redressal or senior level feedback mechanism in Linkedin who can at least hear me out?