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I hate keystrokes! I realized I typed the same content multiple times during the day. I’ve discovered a tool that helps to automate the tedious repetitive keyboard tasks you and I do every day.

I can’t wait to share my discovery with you along with ideas on how it can literally save you from typing thousands of keystrokes — and hours of time — every week. Join me for a webinar on April 18. Sign up using the form to the right.

“I can’t imagine not having ActiveWords on my computer. Our business is all about productivity, and ActiveWords is one tool that helps me be incredibly productive. Going back to the ‘old way’ would be like asking me to go back to using a typewriter. The time savings of this software pays for itself over and over again.”
Lorie Marrero –

What is ActiveWords?

ActiveWords is user interface technology that adds a simple and powerful attribute to Windows, turning words into actions. Type or select any words in any context at any time, and be directly connected with services you relate to the meaning of those words. For example, trigger the word “weather” and a web page showing your current local weather appears. ActiveWords allows you to leverage your vocabulary and innate naming ability to get what you want instantly.

What Can I Do With ActiveWords?

  • Substitute Text: It’s “Auto-Correct” on steroids
  • Substitute Rich Text and HTML segments
  • Open Programs, Files, and Folders
  • Navigate the Internet
  • Send Email
  • Open Window Settings: (Control Panels and Special Objects)
  • Scripting (automate action sequences)
  • Leverage your vocabulary
  • And more!


“…Experts won’t want to work without it, and novices will become attached immediately. You type, it works…”
Chris Pirillo- GnomeREPORT
ActiveWords Webinar Sign-up