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Agility Recovery’s ReadySuite

Agility Recovery’s ReadySuite is an affordable, flexible, comprehensive collection of services that provides generator power, office space, technology and connectivity in the event of a disaster or disruption.

Agility goes beyond remote “hot sites” to deliver a fully functioning mobile office to your own site. This means your customers will be able to find you, and transact with you.

To learn more about ReadySuite, fill out the short form to the right. Want to talk to someone immediately? You can contact Melinda Matthews at 720-490-4551 or via email: Tell her Steve Anderson sent you!

For Agents & Insurers:

You are a vital part of your community’s well-being. So Agility will help make sure you are up and running soon after a disaster of any kind. And unlike moving your operations to a remote location or “hot site,” Agility ReadySuite delivers a fully functioning mobile office to your own site, where your clients and staff can find you.

For Your Clients:

Agility ReadySuite adds value and mitigates risk. By recommending and offering it to your commercial insurance clients, you go beyond what insurance can do alone. You help businesses survive by restarting more quickly after a disaster – and that can reduce loss ratios on Business Interruption coverage as well. Plus, you can add a revenue stream by reselling our services.

The ReadySuite provides you with:

  • Power – Emergency generators station across North America.
  • Space – Numerous options to fit your company needs, including commercial, retail and mobile office space.
  • Technology – Up to 48 computers, five Intel servers, three tape drives, printers and fax machines ready for express delivery.
  • Connectivity – Satellite connectivity to restore phone and Internet service.

Already in use by many major companies in the US, this is the type of service which provides you peace of mind so you can focus on your clients, your employees and your own family. One call to Agility and you will be able to manage effectively and efficiently.

Agility Recovery Solutions