Webinar: Learn How to Leverage Social Media for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Learn how to leverage social media for your agency or brokerages digital marketing strategy from top experts in the insurance industry.

Wednesday, March 29th at 11:00am PDT/ 12:00pm MDT/ 1:00pm CDT/ 2:00pm EDT

Agency Revolution is bringing together 4 superstar marketers, educators and agency owners to discuss how to approach social media for marketing, and identify the all too common mistakes made by independent insurance agents & brokers.

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Who will be there?

Ryan Hanley: Senior Vice President of Marketing at TrustedChoice.com and Managing Editor of Agency Nation. 8 years ago Ryan started a blog as a tool to teach himself about digital content marketing. Today its one of the most popular insurance marketing blogs available.

Steve Anderson: President of The Anderson Network. Named one of LinkedIn’s top 150 influencers, Steve has a reputation as a leading expert in social media among insurance professionals.

Peter van Aartrijk: President and CEO of Aartrijk. Peter runs a marketing agency that specializes in the insurance industry, with a focus on branding and reach.

Chris Paradiso: Owner of Paradiso Insurance. An Agency owner for 15 years, Chris has driven growth to his agency through strong online and social media marketing. Chris has been a featured speaker at countless live events.

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Webinar: E-Delivery and Encryption for Agents & Brokers

Webinar: E-Delivery and Encryption

Steve Anderson, the recognized authority on insurance technology, productivity, and innovation

Wednesday March 8 | 11a PT / 2p ET

I invite you to join me for this webinar where I will discuss how to implement a successful e-policy delivery program for your agency that also seamlessly integrates encryption for security, compliance, and enforceability.


Webinar: Learn the Secrets of a Allstate Hall of Fame Agent

There is a reason Allstate and State Farm dominate personal lines. I recently had the opportunity to participate in a 2 day mastermind meeting with 41 of the top-producing Allstate agents in the country. I came away with a new respect for these sales organizations and realized independent agents have something to learn from these fierce competitors.

I was able to convince Bill Gough — an Allstate Hall of Fame agent – to share his secrets to being successful with personal lines with you on a webinar. If you are at all serious about growing your personal lines business then join me on December 15 at 2 PM CST

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Webinar: Gone Viral: Preparing for Pandemics

Thursday, October 30th, 2014 at 2:00PM ET

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Communicable diseases are at the top of the nation’s consciousness recently, and with so many health concerns swirling around, it is important to remember the best defense against any illness remains preparedness. The devastating effect of the Ebola crisis in West Africa has reared its ugly head here in the U.S., but has only affected a few Americans thus far. However, the preparedness steps and lessons learned from this news story can be applied to far greater threats like the upcoming flu season and other communicable diseases. The annual death toll from the flu virus alone ranges from a few thousand to almost 50,000 Americans. The time to begin preparing is now.

Join national leader in disaster recovery & preparedness education, Agility Recovery, as we cover important information regarding Ebola, Enterovirus D68 and the 2014-15 flu season, as well as steps to reduce the risk of illness in the work environment.

We will cover critical preventive actions to stop the spread of germs in the workplace, as well as steps to help your organization work through an outbreak and keep your organization operational. With proper planning, education and services, an organization can minimize sick days and reduce health costs, while ensuring that productivity and quality are maintained.

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Webinar: The Virtual Agency – How to Sell and Service Anywhere, Anytime

Join Steve Anderson tomorrow (Wednesday, July 30th) as he discusses the benefits of a virtual insurance agency. Steve explains that “technology has significantly improved the ability of people to connect and work from anywhere. This easy access to information and services allows insurance organizations to redefine the concept of work.”

With high-speed data lines, server warehouses accessed through Internet browsers, individual phone transfer ability, active customer friendly websites, why do we all gather at one expensive location to do our work? Offices are scaling back and allowing for a core group of rotating employees to keep the shop open while allowing others to work from home or any other place they have access to browser software. Is this the future? Can it really save money? How do we monitor activity? What are the human resource issues? Worker’s compensation? Keep an open mind and explore this intriguing concept in more detail.

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