“[Podcast] On Point with Peter van Aartrijk – Chatbot Revolution”
by Peter van Aartrijk

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On Point
November 6, 2017

You’ve seen those pop-up “chatbots” on websites. Regardless of how you feel about them, listen to this podcast as insurance tech guru Steve Anderson predicts that chatbots will be table stakes for insurers in three to five years as they “revolutionize the customer experience.” Even sooner, though, Steve sees a highly valuable use of chatbots to augment conversations with employees via an intranet or agency website. With guided conversation, the bots can help staff answer consumer questions, such as, “I bought a golf cart. What kind of insurance do I need?” Or, “I bought a vacation home in another state, and I will have a part-time caretaker. Am I required to carry workers comp?” The growing number of chat-bot development platforms make it easier for insurance practitioners to create and host conversations. Steve also touches on the specific, albeit “creepy,” way that Facebook and LinkedIn allow advertisers to target.

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