The Windows Clipboard Has Been Updated

Copy and Paste has been a standard part of the Windows platform since the beginning. However, the usefulness has been limited. You could only paste the content from the last copy you did. That changed with the October 2018 Windows update.

The first step to using the new clipboard functionality is to make sure you have enabled Clipboard History on your computer. Here are the simple steps:

Windows 10 Now Has an Emoji Keyboard

I have a quick tip for you today. Windows 10 now gives you the ability to use your keyboard to insert an Emoji into text.

Emoji got its start in Japan. The word “emoji” can be translated to “image character.” The first emoji was created in 1999 by Japanese artist Shigetaka Kurita. They have grown in use, especially with smartphones, texting, and social platform posts. I have begun using 👌 or 👍 to acknowledge a text message.

Now, I am not promoting using Emoji’s in business communication, but there may be situations where they are appropriate.

HazardHub Launches Desktop AgentRiskView™

Being able to obtain accurate property information is key to helping make sure you are providing the best combination of price and coverage.


Over the last few years, HazardHub has been developing a platform that provides consumers with geospatial risk data such as Distance to Fire Station, Distance to Hydrant, Distance to Shore, Elevation, and Flood Zone determination tools.

HazardHub has recently released a web-based tool for agents, underwriters, and anyone else interested in fast, accurate property hazard risk and property data called AgentRiskView™.

How You Can Learn from Amazon

Amazon was the fastest company to reach $100 billion in sales ever. It is one of the most successful companies in the world. Aren’t you curious how Jeff Bezos did it? And, more importantly, what you can learn? Fortunately, Bezos gave you his plan, if you just know where to look.

Steve Anderson spent his career in the insurance industry focused on risk and business growth. He is a leading authority on insurance, risk management, technology, and innovation. His new book, co-authored with Karen Anderson is a fascinating look at Amazon’s record growth. The Bezos Letters takes you through Jeff Bezos’ shareholder letters and distills them into growth principles you can apply in your company.

Date: October 10, 2019
Appearance: Skip Prichard – What You Can Learn From Amazon – The Bezos Letters
Outlet: Skip Prichard Blog
Format: Vlog

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How to Maximize Google Alerts

I continue to be surprised by how little agency staff — especially producers — use Google Alerts.

Google Alerts

Using Google Alerts is like having a personal virtual research assistant spending 100% of their time searching the web to find news, comments, and articles based on keywords and phrases you select. The advantage of this personal assistant is that it doesn’t get tired, nor does it forget to do a search.

And, this service will not cost you anything because it is provided for free by the world’s most popular search engine — Google (hence the name!).

I use Google Alerts regularly to scour the web, looking for information that’s of interest to me. As you can see in the accompanying screenshot, I have many search phrases. Google Alerts constantly monitors the web for new instances of your search terms. It then sends a daily email recap of the most important items for my review.

Setting up and using Google Alerts is easy.