Technology Timeline – Time To Reach Mass Adoption

We all use technology every day. Smartphones, tablets, and computers are just a few examples. Technology has exploded in the market in such a short span of time, and it is hard to think of living life without these tools. To get a hold of how we got here today from back in the dark ages, it is essential that we understand how technology evolved.

Every technology was invented to solve a problem. For example, search engines were created to segregate massive amounts of online data and pick out the most relevant ones. With every new upgrade, technology keeps improving. Platforms get better and expand what they can accomplish. The more often this happens, technology evolves to become the vital necessity it is today.

As new ideas get transformed into new forms of technologies, these new technologies are all set to become future mechanisms of future technologies. Existing technologies progress into something way more powerful and superior than what we had previously.

The speed at which technological evolution is taking place is exponential. This exponential growth is one of the biggest reason that many people are struggling to keep up. This technology timeline graphic provides an overview which shows just how fast technology has evolved.

Can You Globally Crowd Source a New Book?

An Interesting Test Where Your Vote Counts

The FINTECH Book, published in March 2016 by Wiley, was the first crowdsource book specifically addressing the financial technology revolution, and the disruption, innovation, and opportunity therein.

Steve Anderson InsurTECH Book

Based on the initial success of this first book, three new books on related industry segments are being created through the same global crowdsourcing process. These new books include:

Here’s how the InsureTech Book creation works.

A wide variety of authors, thought leaders, and industry participants within WealthTECH, RegTECH, and InsurTECH, were invited to submit an article abstract detailing — in 300 words or less — the expected content of a full 2,000-word article. The window for submitting the abstract closed at the end of January.

Anyone reading this can cast their vote for the articles they would like to see included in each of these new books

Boost Your Marketing Communication with Social Media Tools

Have you got the right tools to build your social presence? Brand presence on social media is worthless if it fails to connect with the right audience in a relevant way. We all want to reach out to our audience in the best way we can.

Best Social Media Tools

Let’s check out a few social media tools to improve and save your time invested in your marketing efforts:


BoardBooster helps schedule Pinterest posts. It has many features which kick start your marketing strategies one of them being the looping ability. With this feature, you can fix your board by repining an older pin and then get rid of the existing pin or the latest pin based on their performance.

This function helps in actively repining great material on a regular basis.

What I do in my Spare Time…

While I do enjoy keeping up with technology trends and figuring out how they should be used, there is more to life than just work. My curiosity prompts me to explore hobbies in unique areas. Here are two examples.

Steve planting his garden

Creating and Cultivating a Garden

I enjoy gardening. I have always liked the process of planting, nurturing and watching things grow. As a kid, I remember cultivating a small plot of land in our back yard. I have always tried to at least grow some tomatoes. when we lived in Texas, the summer heat made harvesting tomatoes a bit more difficult.

This is my second year of cultivating a 12 x 24-foot patch of ground at my church’s community Stewards Garden. This picture is of me planting earlier this year.

The Williamson County edition of the Tennesseean newspaper recently did a small article on the garden. It was fun to be quoted as part of the article. Click Here to read the article.

Cooking Helps me Destress

Another way I like to relax is by cooking. I wrote an article on LinkedIn that describes How the Science of Cooking Helps me Destress. You can read that article by clicking here.

What do you do that provides a release from work?

Agents Council For Technology Releases Hard Trends Report

The Agents Council for Technology (ACT) Strategic Future Issues Work Group has released the first phase of an initiative to identify key trends that affect the future of the independent insurance agency system.

ACT 2015 Hard Trends

“The real value of the Hard Trends Report is the great discussions and involvement of so many in the creation of the report,” says Rick Morgan, ACT Strategic Future Issues Work Group chair and senior vice president of Aartrijk in Springfield, Virginia. “We expect the release of the report to generate further discussion on the challenges and opportunities these trends present.”

The following seven trends were identified and evaluated in phase one: